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Let’s discover all lively neighbourhood Bávaro has to offer. About 35 years ago, this part of Punta Cana was still being built, and mostly inhabited by the people who worked in the resorts. Today, Bávaro offers many things to do. After this adventure, you’ll know Bávaro inside out.

Good morning, Bávaro!

Your morning ritual starts at Los Corales, where, like in the clichés, the sand is pearly white and the ocean looks freshly made up to be dipped in. For brekkie, you can choose between scrambled eggs, juicy fruits, bagels, granola, the works. It’s all possible at delicious Nutritional Popsicle. Yes, they have popsicles too! But if you’re more of a juice and pastry person than an ice cream consumer, try Dalias Pasteleria y Panaderia for tasty french pastries and fresh chinola juice. It’s a beauty, this area. Enjoy the early morning at Playa Las Corales, and after your body’s processed breakfast a bit, take a nice walk along the ocean, down to Bibijagua. The sun’s not at its hottest yet, time for a cheeky taste of homemade Mamajuana at Juan Bautista’s , who will absolutely never give you his authentic recipe. It’s red, it’s herby and it packs a good lil punch!

Afternoon catapulting in San Juan

You had a quite relaxing morning in Bávaro, but you’re ready for more live-action pleasures. It’s time to take the local bus Guagua  – this will be your last moment to sit – to San Juan and enter Rad Park! This fun-filled park combines a large lake with multiple activities, from laidback paddle boarding to truly energy crushing water parkours, where you can actually catapult yourself. For lunch, there’s restaurant Chozza on site too. You decide whether you go for food before or after you’re flying through the air! Take some fun pictures and tag ‘em with #instaBOP – we might feature you on our website! If you also take the guagua on your way back stop at Venezia to enjoy a good Italian pizza.

Fill your belly in Bávaro

Back to Los Corales for dinner. At the Ave. Alemania you can find some fingerlicking food trucks, and we’d recommend BBQ baby Meat & Grill for perfectly seasoned meat lovers or Don Cameron for some of those saucy Mexican flavours, soft tacos and veggie burrito. We heart food trucks! The atmosphere of chatter, the relaxing setup of tables and chairs, the reggaetón filling the plot with Caribbean tunes and the smells coming from Magical! Vegans – don’t despair. Our fav Amaluna has vegan pulled pork burgers and delish arepas for you, just a few steps away at Calle Verde. Do note that Amaluna is closed on Sundays. If Indian food is more your thing try the vegan and vegetarina options at Pranama. There home made Pakoras with chickpea flour are so good!

The night is young!

Belly full of food and some leftover splashes from Rad Park? Let’s walk over to Wacamole at Calle Aruba for the cutest atmosphere, live music and the best cocktails. We hope you’ve planned that day of relaxing tomorrow, cause it’s going to be a late night! Cheers to lively Bávaro, where you’ll find endless things to do. We’ll definitely be sharing more cool spots and fun walks through other neighbourhoods soon!

Psst… don’t forget to share your swinging Bávaro eve with us on Instagram – tag us with the hashtag #instaBOP!