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Beaches, beaches, beaches. On Best of Punta Cana, we introduced you to a few of them. Secret beaches, a beach on a paradise island, Pedernales and more. We just can’t get enough of them. Especially when the place surprises us with its beauty, remoteness, and of course the white sand. In our article on the famous swing in Miches and the tallest waterfall nearby, we gave you a teaser of the area. In this edition of BOP places, we will have you discovering Playa Esmeralda an amazing beach in Miches. Another gem that is worth a visit!

Miches is known for its agriculture. In particular the farming of rice, coconut, and cocoa. Also, local handicrafts and artisanal fishing is part of the economic structure of the place. You can visit the famous swing, take a boat to Samana to see whales and visit lots of other beautiful places around. One of them is the mesmerizing coastline which is so remote, that you won’t find a lot of other people around.

From Punta Cana, it will take you approximately 2 hours to get to Miches. To get to Playa Esmeralda it might take you a little longer, although it is on the way to Miches. This is due to its location. It is off the highway. You will need a google maps application to find it. Be sure to do this ride with a four-wheel drive, because the road can get bumpy. It is definitely worth it though.

Stretch of untouched beach

When you arrive all you can think about is, how to soak up the sun as much as possible and how fast you can run into the turquoise sea water. The 4 kilometres of the beach is amazing. A long stretch with hardly anybody around. Just the breeze and palm trees. Ok, you might see more people on the weekend, but other than that it is quite remote.


We do have a few tips for you to take into account.

Make sure to bring some food with you, because there is not a lot around.

Safety first. A car with a four-wheel drive is necessary.

Enjoy this peace of paradise and share your experiences with us, so we can feature them on BOP!