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One Way Transportation | Up to 40 People 1-6 People | Starting Price
Round Trip Transportation | Up to 40 People 1-6 People | Starting Price

The Easiest Way to Get Around Punta Cana

Picture this. You have just landed in the Dominican Republic after spending hours on a flight. You walk out of the plane into the Santo Domingo Airport, and you are done going through customs. You feel nothing but excitement and cannot wait to be next to both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. All your mind can think of is the beach. Except suddenly you snap out of your daydream and realize you are stuck in the airport. So you think to yourself: now what? That is where we come in! Getting from the airport to your hotel is always a hassle, but we are here to prove to you that it no longer needs to be. You can trust our transportation services to get you wherever your heart desires to go in the fascinating town of Punta Cana safely.

Our transportation services are the most time-efficient way to get around because you do not need to wait for any other passengers. To accommodate any and every type of passenger, we offer three vehicle options: car, van, or bus. These services are available to the general public, no matter which class or airline you are flying with. In our eyes, everyone deserves to be treated like first class. Our private services allow you to be transported with up to 50 people, so whether you are alone, with your family, or with every person you know — we have got you covered! Our primary goal is to provide our clients with high quality, professional service and promise to ensure that they enjoy a safe, satisfactory vacation.

We provide the most comfortable, most efficient way to get around Punta Cana so that your vacation can be as stress-free as you imagined! Our public transfers take you to the locals’ favorite spots in Punta Cana. Tourists love this option because you get to go off your resort and truly explore the town you now find yourself in. When booking this type of transfer, you get to choose from buses, cars, and vans. Choosing between the kind of vehicle you prefer allows you to ride with us on your terms. If you are eager to meet other tourists, the bus option is perfect for you. If you prefer to have a more intimate experience when discovering Punta Cana, choose the car option. The van option is ideal for families or small groups who enjoy keeping to themselves or who want to see particular things in Punta Cana and want as much of a personalized trip as possible. The options are endless when you book with us!


  • Comfortable and safe trips to the entire region in vehicles with varied capacity according to your needs
  • Transportation for seminars and conferences
  • Transportation for business and family parties
  • Transfers to/from the airport