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Short for Best of Punta Cana, we are the #1 online lifestyle magazine that gives a fresh take on Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic.

BOP was made to get a different narrative on Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic. One that comes from an insider’s perspective, combined with one that comes from someone new to the area. BOP has people experiencing Punta Cana in a different way and gives them the best tips to spend their holiday. From nature treks, best beach spots to cultural and culinary adventures.


Reach visitors that are planning a trip or are already in the Dominican Republic, with your unique product or service. But also, the people who live in Punta Cana that visit the website and want to be updated with the latest news.

By advertising on BOP, your company will be able to connect with the thousands of Americans and Canadians who are coming to the island.

Our Social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook) are updated daily with new and interesting posts that generate traffic to the Best of Punta Cana website.

In addition to this, our blogs on the BOP website are published daily and have content that appeals to visitors and locals of Punta Cana.

We get the word out about BOP by targeting our target groups with interesting articles but also through our Facebook, Google AdWords, and Instagram campaigns.


There are different advertising possibilities on BOP

  1. Stand out with your advertisement, by advertising on our homepage with a banner. We have different sizes of banners available. Because these banners have a slide function, your advertisement will be popping up, due to the interactive nature of the banner.
  2. Contact us for a sponsored article about your business. Please note that we are obliged to notify our readers that it is a sponsored article.
  3. Give away something special to one of our online visitors. We will feature it on all our Social Media channels.
  4. Share a video on our website and draw more customers for your business.

Cool Gifts to Bring your Friends from Punta Cana

One of our favorite things about traveling is shopping local stores for cool gifts for friends! Not only are we able to talk to local people and explore, but we often find some really cool and quirky gifts that represent the destination! Every place has something special that you can’t get anywhere else! Here is…

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May 7, 2021

Hope for Stray Dogs in Punta Cana

Dogs in the Dominican Republic have a complicated relationship with the people of the island. On the one hand, they are much loved family pets, spoiled with attention and food, and well looked after. They are also handy guard dogs for private residences, their barks alerting their owners of possible intruders. The other side of…

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April 21, 2021

Public Transport in Punta Cana

We love exploring Punta Cana and seeing the area in “real life” outside of the luxurious resorts. As an island nation, life is much simpler than ours back home. You’ll find the laid back pace of life refreshing as you visit the different parts of the area. Punta Cana is varied and different areas have…

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April 7, 2021