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a truck is parked in front of a palm tree

We love exploring Punta Cana and seeing the area in “real life” outside of the luxurious resorts. As an island nation, life is much simpler than ours back home. You’ll find the laid back pace of life refreshing as you visit the different parts of the area.

Punta Cana is varied and different areas have very different vibes. Cortecito is laid back, touristy with beach district, Friusa is the heart of the area where most Dominicans live, San Juan and Downtown are the main shopping areas where you’ll find a selection of local and international stores. Travel between all parts of Punta Cana is easy with public transport! Let’s see what options there are:


For the princely sum of half a dollar, the guagua will take you from Friusa to Veron! These small buses are renowned for being able to fit an incredible number of people (and things) inside! They’ll stop anywhere along their route and you can just jump inside (and out) the usually open door. If the back is full, sit up front with the “chofer”. The ride is very fast, very noisy, and always with the tinny speaker of a cellphone playing bachata! It’s definitely an experience you should have when exploring Punta Cana! Don’t forget to give a friendly “Buenas” as you board!

Bus (Air Conditioned)

Along the same route are a number of fully air conditioned services. They are slightly more expensive at around one dollar. The seats are large and comfortable, the bus is air conditioned, and there is usually a conductor who will take your fare. These buses tend to top at designated spots throughout Punta Cana and the conductor will give a shout when the bus is about to stop. There are no marked bus stops, but if you see a line in the street, that will be for sure one of the stops!

If you wish to travel further, head to the main bus terminal in Friusa to catch a Caribe Express all the way to Santo Domingo!


For those who really want to experience Punta Cana life, the motoconcho is exactly what you’re looking for! As you walk along any street, you’ll find motorbikes slowing down to offer you a ride. Normally we wouldn’t encourage hopping on the bike of a stranger, but in Punta Cana it’s the norm! Let the driver know where you’re headed, and off you go!

There are no set prices, although minimum fare is at least a dollar, feel free to pay what you feel the ride is worth above this. If you find a good concho, tip him well, and he’ll always be on the lookout for you! You’ll usually be offered his number so when you need him you can send a message and he’ll pick you up from wherever you are and take you where you need to be! Don’t worry if it’s raining, a black trash bag over your body is all you need, remember to lift your feet as you travel through the puddles!

Which of these Punta Cana travel options have you experienced? Which was your favorite? Let us know in our Facebook Group!