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Wisin wearing sunglasses

As we mentioned before, Punta Cana is an especially musical place. We looove dancing! Last time we discussed dancing the national Merengue, but we’re not even halfway through our list of moves! Here comes the rhythm, the Spanish vocals, the sweat… it’s Reggaeton time.

What is Reggaeton?

Reggaetón is a genre of music which originated in Puerto Rico, but extremely popular throughout the Caribbean. It is a mix of hip-hop and Latin American music, and works very well on the hips. As quite a new musical genre (it was born in 1990), Reggaetón excites both older dancers and a younger generation. Historically, the genre was an expression of underground youth culture, who wanted to make more African and Latin-oriented beats and at the same time, express themselves vocally. Themes of love, violence, poverty, and friendship in the inner-city life are quite common. Of course, expressing yourself often comes with negative feedback, and in Reggaetón, this happened by many people exclaiming the music to be ‘obscene’.

Cool local Reggaeton artists

Nowadays in the Dominican Republic, we’re huge fans! Reggaeton in Punta Cana is celebrated by dancing to the beats of, for instance, Wisin Y Yandel and Nicky Jam. Wisin Y Yandel are from Puerto Rico and won a Grammy for their fine tunes. They worked with Akon, Nelly Furtado, 50 Cent.. and you could see them! These Reggaeton legends are performing in La Romana in Caso de Campo, a 50 min drive from Punta Cana, on March the 31st. A night of shaking you’d never forget. Enjoy!

An awesome gal and a Dominican local making Reggaeton music, is Natti Natasha. Her hit with Ozuna, Criminal was played EVERYWHERE last year and is still popular. We’re fans of this change and definitely think we need more women in the male-dominated world of Reggaetón! Ladies, bring it!

Where to start?

To prepare yourself for the concert – or any Reggaeton night, it’s good to know some steps. Luckily, Reggaeton is not about steps. Phew! It’s all rhythm and getting into the music, surrendering yourself to the beats. And remember: Reggaeton is not a one-person dance! You’re dancing close to your partner, grinding your hips, working your bum. If that’s not heating up the club, you’re doing it wrong. Still have no clue? Here’s some tricks for newcomers.

Reggaeton in Punta Cana

Want to go out and do the dance? Here are some of the nicest clubs playing Reggaetón in Punta Cana.

El Kan Drinks House. We mentioned this one in our article on Merengue. You can show off your moves here too!

Drink point for some good dancing, like we did on Independence Day.

What’s your fav Reggaeton artist? Tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Altos de Chavon Wisin Y Yandel