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It’s the weekend! Thank the heavens. Even if you’re in Punta Cana on a holiday, the weekend brings a different kind of joy. This weekend, you’ll be creating art, dancing the night away at the carnival, or hanging from a (zen) cloth during AeroYoga..

Art weekend at Macao Beach Hostel

Macao Beach Hostel is hosting Macao Art Weekend, during which you can participate in workshops, yoga lessons and beach walks. You can even buy an entire package, which includes sleeping at the hostel, including all meals. Love art and nature? Then this one’s for you. The workshops include Alternative Photography and Drawing, lines & expression. Check their website for the entire schedule!

Learn how to surf

Sporty Saturday ahead! Punta Cana knows some good waves, and you can be part of ‘em. Punta Cana Surf Adventure teaches you the beginnings of surfing, or, if you’re further ahead, advanced surf lessons. Catch that fresh ocean scent and get wet! If you’re less sure about surfing, there’s paddle boarding too, which leads you to a secret beach in Macao. Zen ocean time + snorkeling = an ideal weekend.

Punta Cana Carnival

Carnival’s arrived! On the 3rd of March, Punta Cana will transform into carnival city, hosting groups from Curacao, Aruba, Haiti and Saint Martin, as well as local Dominican dancers, in their big parade. You can’t possibly miss this – it’s all about true Dominican spirit, good vibes, and drums. The event and parade are free to watch from the street, but if you wanna go a bit higher and oversee the colors you can also watch it from a stage. 

Mozart La Para in concert

If that wasn’t enough, the night is full of dancing – Reggaeton, merengue, bachata… Dominican artist Mozart La Para will be performing on Sunday night in El Kan Drinks House. Be there to shake your bum off!


Yoga (in swings) at Toque Holistico

Need some quiet, zen time after all those parties? We understand. For yoga fans, Punta Cana offers lots of different schools and classes. We like Toque Holistico to calm our minds. The school has a big packet of different sorts of yogas to choose from, like hatha yoga and flow yoga, but also: AeroYoga! This fun discipline combines mind, body and swings! Count yourself exhausted already.

Get away from it all on Isla Saona

There will always be people who don’t thrive on the hustle and bustle of people, and that’s ok. This weekend, you can escape Carnival by heading off to beautiful Isla Saona , an island actually used in the Bounty commercials. Think tropical island and you got your picture there. Isla Saona is a calm nature reserve where you can sleep in a nice bed & breakfast and outdo all the day-trippers. Turquoise water, flamingos, cute fish – you’re staying. Enjoy.

How was your weekend in Punta Cana? Tag us using #instaBOP or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Macao art weekend at Macao hostel