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a close up of a pond of water

Swim in a cave or in a lagoon! This is something you must experience when you are in Punta Cana.

One of the many things that make Punta Cana special are the natural miracles that are present in the area. We selected 3 places you can visit if you want to see these natural phenomena for yourself.

Swim in the Hoyo Azul

This cenote is one to be admired. A cenote is a natural sinkhole that is created when a cave ceiling collapses, leaving it to expose water inside the cave. The Hoyo Azul (blue hole) is an example of this. The hole has blue water, that gives you a little glimpse of what lies beneath. Which is nothing! Well, we are kidding because you can see the rock formation of the cave through the water.

A wooden ramp was built to let you jump into the water. Something you should definitely try when you are there. You will be wide awake after this jump since the water is so cold. Don´t let this defeat you because you will be admiring the surroundings that will excite you. We couldn´t believe we were actually swimming in a half-open cave!

The Hoyo Azul can be visited in Cap Cana by booking a trip with Scape Park.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve

In our article on secret beaches we mentioned the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve since it leads to one of our favorite secret beaches. The only thing we did not reveal, is the place itself.

We felt like we entered a Caribbean jungle when we entered the reserve. Our version of a jungle. No apes and snakes here, just beautiful lagoons that you can visit. Officially the reserve is categorized as a Tropical Forest. It has over 500 plant species. Some of them you can´t find elsewhere in the Dominican Republic. Visit the twelve freshwater lagoons and dive into the ones that you are allowed to swim in. The sensation of feeling the water on your skin in a tropical lagoon setting, made us believe we were extras in the movie the Blue Lagoon. Well, the Dominican version of it.

The reserve is open daily from sunrise to sunset and can be found at  Ave. Abraham Lincoln No. 960Punta Cana, Dominican Republic +1 809-959-9221

Cueva Taina

This cave is for the daredevils. Looking for it on Google maps is actually useless. That is how secluded this place is.

We took an adventurous buggy tour from Macao to get to this spot. Impressed by the rock formation of this natural structure we climbed down into the cave. You will be doing the same up to moment that you will need to take the plunge and jump into the water. Are you brave enough? Be amazed by the rock structure in the crystal clear blue water.

There is a myth which says that the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island, used this cave too, so you are actually swimming in waters where they have wandered as well.

Cueva Taina can be visited by booking a buggy tour with Punta Cana Tours.

Let us know your experience in these natural surroundings!