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Explore nature in Punta Cana and in other parts of the Dominican Republic

At BOP we just love the nature that surrounds us. Yes, Punta Cana is filled with great restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other cool spots, but there is also a whole lot of nature to be explored. It’s everywhere. Just follow us as we take you on a tour through nature in Punta Cana and the…

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July 2, 2019

Swim in a cave or in a lagoon

Swim in a cave or in a lagoon! This is something you must experience when you are in Punta Cana. One of the many things that make Punta Cana special are the natural miracles that are present in the area. We selected 3 places you can visit if you want to see these natural phenomena…

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May 14, 2019

Laguna El Dudu, Cabrera, República Dominicana

Cabrera is a quite, lesser known part of the Dominican Republic, that harbors a bunch of secret gems. With tourism that is more focussed on nature and less on resorts and beaches, it’s an excellent getaway for those who want to discover some of the special attractions in DR. Today, we want you to discover…

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June 10, 2018