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Daily life can get stressful sometimes, we know all about it! Punta Cana in itself is the perfect holiday destination to relax. The calm, soothing sea, swaying palms and peace and tranquility you can find here are unique. But to top it off, we listed the 5 best relaxing hotels in Punta Cana. This way, you’ll be fully recharged by the time you get back home!

Turquesa Hotel

Looking for a place you can really come to rest? This hotel is exclusively designed for adult travelers, so you’ll know it’ll be as quiet as you like. With privacy and personal attention, your stay here will be the ultimate exclusive setting you’ve been yearning for all year. Curious? Take a look here.

Zoetry resorts

Abundant flora, rustic touches, and an elegant design. Together with a tranquil atmosphere, Zoetry promises as much as inner growth by staying here. Something we understand, because living in the moment is not that hard here. Lift your spirits with a cocktail, a good book, and a massage, if you’re really going for it. And it is one of the hotels where you can sleep in and be surrounded by nature.  Want to know more? Check out the website here.

Hideaway at Royalton

Doing as little as you like, how perfect does that sound? Your stay at Hideaway would be perfect for that, as the name suggests. For both couples and families, it’s one of the most relaxing hotels in Punta Cana. Perfect to unwind! If you do want some action, there is a theatre where you can enjoy the Tutti Frutti entertainment team. Find out more about Hideaway here.


Another adult only hotel, with great attention to small details. With several restaurants, unlimited drinks and personalized service, Catalonia offers the whole package. The surroundings look tropical and cozy, with pink walls, lots of green and light and airy apartments with a terrace or balcony. Get yourself a good book, make a good calming playlist and enjoy a little bit of ‘me’ time! More information? Click here.

Le Sivory

As a real boutique hotel, you’ll be sure to get your much-needed rest in Le Sivory. As a place that stands for wellbeing and tranquility, it’s a bit of a jewel in Punta Cana. With light rooms with a view of the lush green garden, suites with a private pool and a spa and wellness center, you’ll be surprised how calm life can be. It is also a hotel for the foodies.  Want to know more about one of the best relaxing hotels in Punta Cana? Check out the website here!

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Photo: Zoetry Agua Resort