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Discover the aguas caliente in Sajoma on Best of Punta Cana. Thermal springs in the Dominican Republic. Eco

Smack bam in the middle of the beautiful mountain range that crosses the Dominican Republic, lies the municipality of Sajoma. The greenest hills mix with refreshing rivers, right here. It’s Thursday two days before the weekend starts – time to read about a new magnificent place on this stunning island.

Beautiful Sajoma

The town of Sajoma (real name: San Jose de las Matas), is located in the middle north part of the Dominican Republic, about 5 and a half hours drive from Punta Cana. Here, mountains like Pico Duarte, at more than 3000 meters high, divide the grounds. It is a stunning area, full of lush green hills and windy fresh waters, rocks in rivers and wild horses climbing the hills. Gorge rivers like Bao, Jaguao Amina, Inoa and Mao provide a welcome place to rest your feet and sit by the water. Sajoma is literally surrounded by natural possibilities and hikes.

Aguas Calientes

It’s here that we find Aguas Calientes, a refreshing thermal spring, consisting of two pools, a small and a bigger one. The river alongside the springs provides both hot and fresh water, so that the temperature is nicely balanced. This is one of those spots where you can simply dip in, let your shoulders hang back and breathe out all the stress you might have. You’re in the middle of the mountains. There is only peace. And beautiful views on the surroundings!

Jose Armando Bermudez National Park & Punta Rucia

Very close to San Jose de las Matas, you find the huge national park of Jose Armando Bermudez, a rough area a bit hard to reach by car, but worth it. This is a must for nature lovers – you’re simply surrounded by beauty. Do pack a jacket and a pair of longer trousers after your dip in the aguas calientes, because mountains come with a different temperature. A bit higher up, you’re in the clouds, where the air is fresh and sometimes chilly. Jose Armando Bermudez National Park is only 25 miles from Sajoma town.

If you’re craving a little more tropical warmth after your mountain trek, you can also check out the fine, fine beaches of Punta Rucia. It’s only a 40-mile drive, and you won’t have enough time to marvel on the turquoise ocean and the crispy sand. When you think about it, it’s a little crazy that one place can have so much diversity in nature to offer within a two-hour drive radius! Wow!

Sleeping in the Sajoma area

When you’re in the Sajoma area, we’ve got a stunning hidden gem for you to spend the night in! It’s called Club Hacienda Campo Verde and it exists of very cute cabins overlooking a gorgeous river. Next to this great landscape, Club Hacienda has 4 pools, a restaurant and a basketball court for sporty types! Another super fun thing to do? Ride a bike around the area. Have fun!

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Photo: Instagram sanjosedelasmatasrd