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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, borders across the world have been closed, flights grounded and travel plans cancelled. As people have been put on lockdown, streets are empty of visitors and locals. The beating heart of Punta Cana has seemingly stopped.

Despite the heavy impact felt by humans, there is a positive impact on the destination:

Punta Cana is Taking a Vacation!

The landscape is enjoying a well-deserved rest from its vital role as a source of income for the thousands of families who rely on tourism. The ocean, once slick with gasoline from hundreds of boats is cleaning itself. The beaches, once littered with the remains of parties are being tidied. The air is becoming cleaner as traffic has come to a halt. Nature is slowly regenerating while everyone is indoors.

It is amazing to see how quickly the area has adapted to the lack of visitors. A snapshot of how Punta Cana was before we came. It’s also a stark reminder of how we are not needed for Punta Cana to thrive. For so long many of us have lived, worked, and visited, but not truly seen how our daily lives have affected the natural order of things. Now we can see. We have completely taken over, but we didn’t need to. Punta Cana doesn’t need humans to show how incredible she is.

When this vacation is over, Punta Cana will be rested and even more beautiful than before. Ready and willing to open her doors to visitors again. For us, this is a time for reflection, to review the experiences we offer to visitors to Punta Cana. A time to appreciate everything nature gives us in this gorgeous destination. Time to look for ways to work with nature in ways that are more sustainable. Working together to provide more eco-friendly tours, so that this precious place can provide joy to millions more visitors, for many more years to come.

This is Our Chance to Change

For now, animals are enjoying the beach, and marine life is taking advantage of the crystal clear turquoise waters where everything is calm and quiet. Soon the people will come back. Beach bars will reopen, boats will operate again. Punta Cana is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, now more than ever we understand why. We’ll be here waiting for you. You’ll fall in love all over again with Punta Cana. And this time, we’ll do it better.

What are you looking forward to seeing in Punta Cana when the travel bans lift? Join the discussion in our group Join our Group!