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All over the world, travel plans are cancelled and people are in lockdown staying safe in their homes. At the moment it’s impossible to say when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. All we can do is look forward to the day that we will be able to travel again. In the meantime, here at Best of Punta Cana we’ve got some top tips to bring your Punta Cana vacation right to your door! Check out our top five things you can do during lockdown to enjoy a Punta Cana fake-ation:

Learn How to Dance Bachata!

Get up from the sofa, and learn some cool bachata moves! Nothing brings memories of Punta Cana flooding back more quickly than the sound of everyone’s favorite Dominican music. Now we have the opportunity to brush up on the steps before our next vacation! You can search online for videos, tips and tricks there are plenty to be found. Before you know it you’ll be swaying to those Punta Cana beats like a pro! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite bachata song!

Prepare a Dominican Drink!

Get ready for some amazing drinks that will take you right to the beaches of Punta Cana! From hot Dominican cocoa to the creamy and delicious morir soñando, there’s something tropical to suit all taste buds! If you’re lucky enough to have a mamajuana bottle from your last visit, remember that you can refill it for many years! All you need is red wine, rum, and honey, and you’ll be ready to wind down with this most famous Dominican drink!

Enjoy a Dominican Meal!

Although we’re all dreaming of eating freshly grilled lobster on the beach, while we wait we can prepare some delicious dishes right at home! The time will fly as you research some amazing recipes. Even if you can’t get hold of all of the ingredients, for sure you’ll be able to find suitable substitutes. After all, the most important ingredients in Dominican cooking are a whole lot of love, and a hungry family! What’s your favorite Dominican meal?

Learn the Language!

With all this time on our hands, we can finally brush up on our Spanish! There are plenty of online resources available to help you. Did you know that there are over 320 million Spanish speakers in the world? We learned a lot by listening to Dominican music, or watching our favorite TV series with Spanish audio and English subtitles to help get to grips with how natives speak!

Join Our Discussion Group!

Make some new friends and keep up to date with the latest in Punta Cana on our Facebook group! You’ll meet other lovers of all things Punta Cana, and receive alerts when our newest articles are available! Here on our website you’ll also be able to check out all of the cool things you’ll be able to do once travel restrictions are lifted, we can’t wait to see you!

What else can you do to bring Punta Cana home? We’d love to hear from you!