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a truck driving down a dirt road

Here in Punta Cana, we’re blessed to have A LOT of hot, sunny days! It’s one of the reasons that visitors flock here, especially during the winter months. To escape the cold and clouds of home. When it comes rain is usually brief, with the sun appearing shortly after to dry your skin. However, being an island with a tropical climate, occasionally we also have cloudy days where all it seems to do is rain!

If your vacation is hit with rain, worry not! There are activities here on the island that are even better when the ground has been drenched with a tropical downpour! Sticky mud, and huge puddles combined with a Buggy drive and Jeep Safari in Punta Cana can be the most memorable and fun experiences of your vacation!

Getting Muddy with Beach Buggies!

Our favorite buggies start at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where you will receive a safety briefing before boarding your Can Cam Maverick 800 Buggy. You’ll be taken through the jungle, where you will have and incredible time as you navigate the rustic roads. Expect to get very, very muddy as you splash through the jungle terrain! After you will explore the famous Macao beach with your buggy, and catch the gorgeous views on this magnificent stretch of coastline. To finish, you get the chance to test your driving skills on a circuit rally track. It’s an incredible adrenaline filled adventure, and especially older kids will love being a passenger as you enjoy this off road experience. More information on this tour can be found here:


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Explore Punta Cana by Jeep!

For those that would rather stay clean and dry, a Jeep safari might be just what you need! Why not take a drive in a Jeep Wrangler through the beautiful Dominican countryside. Explore the jungle and meet local communities as you travel. Learn about rural living here on the island and see the colorful houses typical of local people. You can even have some fun on an off road track! You can also learn about cocoa and coffee, and enjoy some delicious Dominican food! If you dare, try zip lining on this tour, and fly over the jungle like a bird. You’ll be amazed by the views which are in complete contrast to the white sand beaches and turquoise ocean views at your hotel! More information can be found here:


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Whatever the weather, we can guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time in Punta Cana! We not only have gorgeous beaches, but plenty of amazing activities too!