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Four Wheel Adventures in Punta Cana, and Why Even Rainy Days Equal Fun!

Here in Punta Cana, we’re blessed to have A LOT of hot, sunny days! It’s one of the reasons that visitors flock here, especially during the winter months. To escape the cold and clouds of home. When it comes rain is usually brief, with the sun appearing shortly after to dry your skin. However, being…

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February 8, 2020

The best jeep safari Punta Cana has to offer

Whenever you Google ‘fun activities in Punta Cana’, you’ll surely stumble upon many sites advertising jeep safaris. These are a great way to discover the island! Let us tell you all about the best jeep safari Punta Cana has to offer. Jeep safari in Punta Cana Sure, you know what a jeep is and what…

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June 27, 2018