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The Dominican Republic is open to new visitors with 235 flights programmed to arrive in Punta Cana this week! This is amazing news for the area after a difficult year due to the COVID19 pandemic, which has hit the local people who rely on tourism extremely hard!

Welcoming visitors of course must still be done with extra safety measures in place as a vaccine is slowly distributed worldwide. Here are the latest updates for travel to the Dominican Republic over the Christmas period:

Amended Curfew Hours

For visitors traveling to the following districts:

National District

Santo Domingo Province


La Vega


Puerto Plata

As of 16 December curfew hours are from 7pm to 5am Monday to Sunday. There is a period of 2 hours to allow travelers to get home, or to their hotel until 9pm.

For visitors on the island on the festive days of 24 and 31 December, curfew is 7pm to 5am, with transit to hotel or residence allowed until 1am.

Ban on Alcohol Sales

Sales of alcoholic beverages are banned after 6pm every day. This ban was implemented 15th December and remains until further notice.

Meetings and Restaurants

Meetings are limited to groups of 10 people or less in public places. Bars and restaurants are restricted to 70% operating capacity. Remember to book ahead for your favorite restaurant or expect extended wait times for seating.

All of these measures are in place today 16 December until further notice. For more information on other health and safety measures which are in place you can read our December update here.

We hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation in Punta Cana! You can find out about our recommended COVID safe tours here!

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