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We’re all excited about traveling to Punta Cana after such a difficult year! Now we know more about how to control the virus we are able to start exploring again! The virus hasn’t gone away, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy your vacation in a safe way. A recent article by the U.S Travel Association was positive about the low risk of flying, you can find out more in their article here.

Hotels and tour operators have worked incredibly hard to make sure they are COVID safe. You CAN enjoy your vacation just as much as before, and here we give you inspiration on a selection of COVID-Safe experiences and tours in Punta Cana:

Catamaran Sailing

There’s something special about sailing even without a pandemic as an excuse! Sparkling turquoise waters, the warm sun on your back, and a fresh sea breeze, it’s a magical experience! The air is clean and there’s plenty of space on board so you can social distance to increase your safety. You have the option of shared tours, or for those want to limit contact with other people, there are private options too! We recommend BOP Shared Catatmaran or Private Tour. Or if you want to enjoy a whole day adventure then BOP Isla Saona is unmissable!

Buggy Tour

Even before the pandemic, buggy tours included face coverings to stop dust and dirt getting into your mouth and nose. Now of course, masks are compulsory in most places, so why not have a lot of fun while wearing one? While you’re enjoying the challenge of driving a buggy, you’re outdoors! There’s plenty of movement of air as you speed across the beach and social distancing comes as standard as you must keep a safe distance from the buggy in front. Check out our recommended Buggy Tour here!

Horseback Riding

Another amazing outdoor activity, enjoy the fresh air with a horseback ride! As with buggies you’ll find it easy to social distance as you enjoy the freedom of riding. After being stuck in lockdown for so long, this is exactly what you need! There’s nothing like a gallop on the beach to blow away the cobwebs! If you prefer a more leisurely experience, the horses love a nice walk in the water! It’s something straight out of a movie scene, and the extra vitamin D from the sun is just an added bonus! Here you’ll find an amazing horseback riding experience to try!

Private Airport Transfer

Feel like the ultimate VIP, and enjoy the additional safety of a private transfer to your hotel. A regular transfer is of course as safe as is possible with many regulations in place. However, we know that sometimes a little extra peace of mind can give a great start to your first vacation after lockdown. Enjoy a private transfer to keep travel time to a minimum and of course help you stay distanced from other guests. Private transfers are available with BOP throughout the Punta Cana hotel area. You can book yours here.

We hope that these tips will help you choose some amazing experiences for your Punta Cana Vacation! Let us know which ones you’ll be trying this season!