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a store filled with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on display

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our health. Many of us have been working from home for months, which is amazing for cutting out that nasty commute and spending more time with family! However, we have also fallen into less than healthy habits as a result. Sitting too long and not going outside for a walk and fresh air. We couldn’t possibly leave the house, then we would have to change from our comfy pajamas that we seem to have lived in since forever!

Well don’t lose hope! If you’re planning a vacation to Punta Cana to rest from your busy work (and school) from home schedule, you can enjoy some of these awesome health benefits:

Sunshine and Vitamin D

For many of us, the cold dark nights are upon us, making it even harder to motivate ourselves to go outside. In Punta Cana, the sun is bright and warm, the locals even joke there are only two seasons, warm summer and hot summer! As the sunshine hits your skin, your body is converting cholesterol to Vitamin D, which has some incredible health benefits:

  • Vital for healthy bones
  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces diabetes risk
  • Helps prevention of cancer
  • Helps proper absorption of minerals
  • Helps fight depression

Time to get our swimsuits on and soak up some of that sun! Make sure you use your sunscreen!

Vitamin Sea

The beautiful turquoise waters of Punta Cana make for amazing photos for your social media! And sometimes things really are as good as they look! While you’re frolicking in the gentle waves (or having a blast surfing in Macao) your body is thanking you for it! You’re moving your whole body and getting some fantastic exercise, improving circulation, improving your strength, and as it is a low impact activity it can help with joint pain and suppleness!

There are also a lot of minerals in the sea, which are fantastic for your skin, if you have problems with skin dryness, then the magnesium found in seawater can help! Best of all, you’ll feel your stress and worries drift away as you bob along with the waves, breathing in the fresh sea air and looking out over those crystal waters.

Fresh Food

No matter how much we love avocados, there’s nothing like the giant and ripe ones found in Punta Cana! No supermarket in our home town can come close! Add the sweetest bananas, pineapples, and passion fruit you’ll ever taste. Fresh coconut water right from the palm trees on the beach, and the morning lobster catch grilled and served with the sand between your toes. It’s super easy to eat healthy in Punta Cana! Take a break from the takeaways and enjoy fresh, tropical produce every day of your vacation!

Positive Vibes

Hands down, one of our favorite things about Punta Cana is the people. No matter what is happening, they are always positive and smiling. Always ready to welcome visitors to their beautiful island, and with the biggest hearts full of love, life, music and joy. After so much doom and gloom, the worry and stress of 2020, we’re all about sharing some positive vibes with the people of Punta Cana! You’ll go home with renewed energy and positivity, plus a whole new playlist and a sway of bachata in your hips that will always remind you of your Punta Cana vacation!

What are you waiting for? It’s Punta Cana vacation time! And if anyone asks, you’re going on a health and wellness retreat!

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