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No one could have guessed that 2020 would change travel so much! Here in Punta Cana, the usually busy international airport has been quiet, and hotels were shut down seemingly overnight. With many relying on tourism to feed their families, it has been a difficult few months for the local people.

Despite all of the quarantines and restrictions, the Dominican Republic is not an island that will accept defeat. Throughout history, the island and its people have demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. Although COVID19 may change the way things operate, it certainly will not be a crisis that breaks the resilience of the people. The Dominican Republic and Punta Cana have consistently been rated in the top tourist destinations in the world, a trend that the local people are determined to maintain!

Government Support

The Dominican government announced in September that it will provide free of charge medical insurance to visitors who may be affected by COVID19. It includes support for additional costs for long term stay and airline change fees. This insurance is currently in place until December 2020, although it could be extended.

It is a huge support for travelers who wish to visit the island, and a lifeline for tourism businesses. Random testing is in place, as the insurance policy has removed the requirement for testing prior to travel. This makes it easier for travelers who may have found obtaining access to testing before travel difficult.

More Flights!

Flight availability continues to increase this month, with 143 arrivals weekly to the Punta Cana International Airport. Air Canada, American Airlines, Southwest, United, West Jet and Delta provide daily flights from selected destinations to Punta Cana.

European arrivals are also beginning to increase, although more slowly, with arrivals from France, Germany and Spain scheduled in December. We’ll keep you updated with more information on flights from Europe as they become available!

Plenty of Accommodation Options!

Hotels have been opening quickly in Punta Cana, with the majority of the major chains already open or opening by December. All hotels have implemented new safety protocols to ensure maximum health and safety, please check with your hotel before travel for full information.

Vacation rentals offer an alternative for those that prefer more private accommodation. Renting your own beachfront apartment for a relaxing vacation in the sun is more affordable than you think! With direct contact with your rental manager, this more personalized service can provide extra peace of mind for your first vacation after lockdown!

National Restrictions to Remember

There are some national restrictions and safety protocols which you need to remember when visiting Punta Cana to protect everyone:

  • Use of masks is compulsory in public places. Hotels have varying regulations, for example masks may not be required in the pool area, please check with your hotel for further information
  • National curfew (currently until December 1st). A national curfew is in place from 9pm to 5am weekdays, and 7pm to 5am on weekends. If you must travel to the airport or between hotels during curfew times, this is permitted, however you must have proof with you.
  • Social distancing is required in public places. There may be additional waiting times at airport and hotel check in to ensure safe transit of passengers with social distancing.

We’re excited to finally get back to doing what we love most, exploring Punta Cana! Watch out for more updates in the coming weeks! We’d love to hear what your plans are for your first vacation in Punta Cana! Let us know on our Facebook page!