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Ask anyone who has visted Punta Cana which was their favorite trip, the majority of people will answer immediately – Isla Saona!

Located a short distance by boat from the south east tip of the Dominican Republic, Saona is a protected nature reserve with a population of only around 300 people! But while the island may lack human inhabitants, it is alive with wildlife! Many species of birds and tropical fish live here, plus interesting animals such as the rhinoceros iguana, gentle manatees and dolphins

The island is world famous for its powder white sand, crystal clear warm, shallow waters and has featured in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Blue Lagoon and also Bounty commercials! It is the picture perfect ‘deserted’ island that we all dream of spending time on!

The island was discovered and named by Christopher Colombus when he landed in May 1494. The name Saona was in honor of his friend Michele da Cuneo. Michele was from Savona, which is located in the northern Italian region of Liguria. Saona and Savona are still twinned and the power plant on the island was a gift from Savona!

Isla Saona is only 25km long and 5km wide. Many parts of the sea are very shallow and sandbars form natural pools where visitors enjoy spending time relaxing, and interacting with the large starfish population that love this habitat!

Isla Saona is one of the most sought after places to visit in the Caribbean, and once you’ve visited, no other place will compare in beauty or that feeling of complete relaxation when spending time here!

For the 2020/21 winter season, BOP offers an amazing Saona Experience! Whether you’re a first time visitor, or a seasoned Saona sailor, you’ll love our tour itinerary which you can find here!

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