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No telling your fam or your partner, but secretly, we all think travelling with friends is the most fun way to do a trip. Everyone wants to enjoy their holiday! So when you travel to Punta Cana with your buds, where do you sleep?

Travelling with friends

For this article, we focused on a good pack of four close friends traveling together. Three can be fun, but also an awkward number. Then every number above five is just a messy bunch – you might want to get two separate apartments to enjoy together. Moreover, traveling with friends mostly results in more activity driven fun: you’ll go on small day trips together and might appreciate a water park or theme park once every while. This makes 4 the perfect number, leaving no one to lick an ice cream on their own on a bench.

We think a group holiday is most fun if you’re all together. Hotels can be stunning and comfortable, but you don’t see your friends every day and it would be best to be able to really make the most of their company. This is why on this list, we left out resorts.

  1. Enjoying the outdoors

When you’re on a budget and most happy to spend as much time outside as possible, soaking up the warm air and the sound of the waves, try camping with your friends. Besides, if you and your friends are keen to meet other traveling souls, this might be the best option for you! Have breakfast together in the sun every morning, and go surfing or take yoga classes in the afternoon. Every tent at Macao Hostel can fit two people, so why not opt for two tents next to each other? Stick out your head in the morning and see who’s awake first. Time to put your bare feet in the sand and go for a (cold) coffee!

Tent (double): $20 USD per night. Read more about this place in our article on ecotourism.

  1. Budget apartment of your beachy dreams

If you and your friends are less excited about the possibility of camping and would like to stay somewhere that has a (stone) roof but still be on a budget, check out this lovely Cortecito Penthouse! Never knew that ‘budget’ and ‘penthouse’ would go together? We didn’t either, but everything’s possible in Punta Cana. Travelling with your friends becomes even more fun when you can spend time on your private rooftop balcony! This penthouse is right in the middle of Bávaro, AT the beach and looking out over the ocean. We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that white sand starts right at your doorstep, and the sea is probably some twenty more steps away.

The apartment itself is quite luxury for the budget, with a gigantic bath tub and a fully equipped kitchen to use. We know the penthouse is surrounded by nice beach restaurants, but if you and your group would like to cook yourselves, it’s definitely easy! Besides, there isn’t just one balcony – no, this apartment has TWO big private terraces for you and your friends to sip from a nice drink overlooking the beach and the ocean. The world’s at your feet, with this one.

Budget: $19 USD per person per night

  1. Splurgy apartment in remote area

And then there’s those friends who are not afraid to say they’ll have their soft pillows, their jacuzzi and their balcony sofas! View on the pool? Of course! This more luxury apartment in Uvero Alto is in a wonderful spot, where you and your buddies can walk directly on to a stunningly calm beach, palms waving. Your balcony faces the pool and the palms, so while you’re having breakfast in the morning, don’t forget to take a thousand pictures!

The apartment itself has all the goods: space, wi-fi, a few queen sized beds, a jacuzzi, lounge area, AC, all the toiletries needed, washing machine, a pool AND some cool art hanging at the walls so you’ll feel right at home! The atmosphere of a place is important, and you want to impress your friends. Travelling AND still enjoying that comfort? This is your pick.

Oh, and the water park’s right on the corner. Woo!

Budget: $44 USD per person per night (yup, still inexpensive)


  1. Luxurious Jungle Bungalow

We’re still on the splurge tour, although this fancy and extremely pretty jungle themed bungalow  in Cap Cana is not even that expensive. It comes with a private pool next to a nice looking backyard with a little shaded patio where you can have your dinners together. White comfy sofas and lounges aplenty! Then, if that’s not enough, there’s a little outdoor spa/tub surrounded by luscious greenlife, so that you can feel completely zen when you want some hours away from your buds. The stunning outdoor shower makes for a true Survivor feeling – the luxury kind.

The bungalow is located in a calm and quiet area of Cap Cana. Internet, AC, and washing machine are all available. Treat yourself, treat your friends!

Budget: $220 USD per person for a whole week!

  1. We’ve saved up for this trip

Not luxurious enough for you? Well kings and queens of the good life, here we go: how about this stunning private villa in Tortuga Bay ? With four bedrooms, you can all have your own gigantic bed to whirl around in – the ultimate comfort. This villa comes with everything: golf carts, quick Netflix access, a maid who prepares you and your group fresh dishes whenever you like. As this villa is part of a group of resorts, you’re never far away from the best restaurants and bars, but you do have the option to be together as a group and enjoy each other’s company separately. Would like to do some yoga together or get a massage? All possible when you are travelling with friends.

Next to this, you have a private pool available and a beautiful strip of beach is just a few minutes walk away. Travel with friends and introduce this place, they’ll never leave your side again! Note: this is also a good option if you are travelling with friends but still want to bring your partners, since the villa is capable of hosting 8 people.

Budget: $1200 USD per person for a whole week (for 4)

What do you love about travelling with friends? Let us know! Tag us in your pics or tweets, @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Luxury villa Tortuga Bay