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There’s so many stunning, yummy cocktails out there for all you crazy cocktailheads. We think it’s important to pay attention to all of ‘em. This is why we’re going to focus on one cocktail at a time – take it easy! Firstly? The classic mojito! This is where you can taste the best mojitos in Punta Cana.

Mojito, mojito, mojito

It’s a simple fact – almost everyone likes the mojito. Whether it’s the easygoing combination of rum, lime and sugar, we don’t know, but this is usually people’s first cocktail. A classic doesn’t get boring, so you keep coming for that tasty boozy drink! Nowadays, bartenders or mixologists add spice & fruity flavors to the standard mojito, creating new moments of taste bud heaven. As the Caribbean are all about their rum, the best mojitos in Punta Cana aren’t hard to find!

Away from the ordinary

Pranama  is actually the only Indian restaurant in Punta Cana, where they serve nicely spiced Indian food in vegetarian and vegan options. Next to this, the people at Pranama decided to surprise our tongues with some spicy mojitos, too! Guests rave about the hibiscus mojito and praise the rose flavored one too. Then, there’s also the CHOCOLATE flavored mojito! Interested? Go and try ‘em out!

Good old beach fun

This is why you came to Punta Cana: your toes in the sand, a mojito in your hand, watching the sunset over the ocean. Right? We don’t blame you, life doesn’t get much more relaxed. Pearl Beach Club has a stunning bar at the beach where they serve beautiful drinks and, of course, mojitos. If that’s not enough, the beach club is housed in a very modern looking building that has great architecture! Ok – you were there for the rum. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the view!

Seafood & chill

Poseidon  not only has a good name, it has a huge selection of beautiful international dishes pairing very well with a nice, tall mojito. While you munch on a piece of fresh shrimp, your mojito is there to guide you into the night. If you’re looking for a change of drink, think of the caipirinha as your second pick! Both stunners. Poseidon hosts cool themed nights and a beautiful beach bonfire that has chill vibes written all over it.

Fun for flavor fans

Flavor-addict? Why not try the Black Diamond Hookah Lounge in downtown Punta Cana. Next, to a selection of beautiful cocktails and mixed drinks, including our fav lil guy the mojito, they offer around 30 flavors of hookah. Ranging from apple to mango, you could add an extra sense experience to your cocktail adventure!

Tacos and mojitos

Wacamole on the Calle Aruba in Bavaro is a popular place. In addition to serving Mexican food, they also have some really good mojitos. Our favorite is the coconut mojito. On Wednesday during their legendary ladies nights there is a special where you can get 2 mojitos for the price of one!

Lazy Mojito

Every Thursday at the Lazy Lizard in Cap Cana you can sing your favorite songs during their Karaoke night and enjoy a mojito. On that night you buy 2 mojitos and get one free. We do not only like this place because of the special, but also because their classic mojito is on point!

A break with a Mojito

We already mentioned Breakers in our article on the best breakfasts in Punta Cana. Something you might not know is that they serve really good mojitos too. Our favorite is the strawberry Mojito! This place is located in the Fishing Lodge in Cap Cana.

How to prepare a mojito?

After tasting the best mojitos in Punta Cana, it’s time to play mixology and make one yourself! It’s not that hard, we promise. Pack some punch! This recipe is for one glass only.


  •        10 leaves of fresh mint
  •        Half a lime, in 4 parts
  •        2 spoons of brown sugar
  •        5-6 ice cubes
  •        1 shot of rum
  •        120 ml soda water

It’s easy to make a mojito: put the mint and one part of the lime in a tall glass. Then stomp the mint and lime quite hard to get those nice juices out! Add 2 parts of the lime, the sugar, and grind again. Then, fill the glass with ice – almost to the brim. Pour rum over the ice and fill the glass up with soda water. Stir, taste, add more sugar or lime to your own taste. And you’re done! Enjoy your evening, mojito bae!

What’s your favorite place to drink the best mojitos in Punta Cana? Tag us, please! Insta & twitter @bestofpuntacanaofficial!