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International Picnic Day featured on Best of Punta Cana! Blanket with people picnicking

Monday the 18th of June is International Picnic Day. ‘Is that necessary?’ We can hear you say. Well, yes – it’s the perfect opportunity to show that life IS indeed a picnic. Luckily, in Punta Cana the weather’s almost always good. No reason not to picnic!

What to bring to International Picnic Day

Picnics bring together the best of the best: food, friends and the outdoors. It’s an informal way of getting together and enjoying some sandwiches, mangos and maybe even a game of dominos in the sun. Whether your picnic is a casual snack moment or a full lunch, we think you always need some form of carbs, a few pieces of fruit, some nibbly bits (chips?) and an alcoholic or fresh beverage. Lemonade does well at your picnic too. So go around town to spot some of the food trucks driving through Bavaro for some fresh fruits and vegetables. Or buy a few things at the supermarket in Punta Cana Village, when you are staying on that side, and bring a nice and colorful picnic blanket to celebrate International Picnic Day the right way!

Which Picnic Person are you?

Picnic on the beach

You are a lover of sun, sweat and the smell of sunscreen in heart and soul. Your great tan always surprises your friends, although, not really – they know you’ve been hanging about the ocean again. The picnic on the beach type of picnic is not the easiest one – sand gets everywhere. As a hardcore beach lover, you’re THE person to quickly brush this worry away. Food with sand on it is still food. Besides, the beach has many Dominican restaurants that serve the best fresh fish. Perfect! You don’t even have to do shopping beforehand.

Check out our selection of most stunning Punta Cana beaches for your beach picnic!

Picnic in a park

Being outside makes you happy, and so does shade. You love feeling grass between your toes and prefer a traditional picnic – red and white blocked blanket, a basket on top.  You prefer a big lunch with all of your friends and family over a quick snack, sitting down is the main event! In a tropical place like Punta Cana, your wish for a park is a bit harder to track down, but never impossible. Most resorts have grassy grounds for you to enjoy.  If you’re keen to include others on this joyous occasion, why not try to organize a big picnic with a group? In Down Town Punta Cana, behind San Juan Shopping Center there are some green plots to sit with your friends. Or head on to the Anamuya river in Higuey where you can picknick and enjoy a beautiful view.  On your way to Higuey you can even stop by Campito Loving. They have a beautiful garden ideal for picnics!

Picnic on a boat

You’re an adventurer, aren’t you? You want to enjoy International Picnic Day, but can’t bother to sit still for a long amount of time. Not to worry! When you organize your picnic on a boat, you’re always moving, riding the waves, experiencing different surroundings. And what’s more, if you’ve had enough of eating watermelon, you can always jump in the sea to snorkel around for a bit! Picnics on a boat require a special diet – nothing too heavy on the stomach. If the ocean gets a bit rough or you want to go for a swim or snorkel, your body needs to not be weighed down. This is why we’d recommend to either have a small lunch or a snack picnic! Why not share a fresh catch or just bring an array of fruits and veggies? You’ll not need much – the burn of the sun on your face and the wind messing up your hair will keep you feeling lively. Do make sure to drink tons of water! Excited about this idea? Boat Trips Punta Cana can help you organize your PERFECT picnic. The only thing you have to do is show up, and enjoy the ride.

Can’t wait to see photos of your International Picnic Day! Tag us using #bopthroughpuntacana or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!