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The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world, and stopped tourism globally in an instant. No one could have prepared for travel to be restricted completely as it has been with this crisis. Airlines have grounded their fleets, hotels have closed, and excursions are no longer operating, as everyone is ordered to stay at home. Tourism is one of the hardest hit industries by COVID-19. Millions of people employed in tourism have lost their income until countries allow tourists to visit again.

When Will People be Allowed to Travel Again?

Tourism businesses across the world are anxiously waiting for news as to when clients will be allowed to travel again. Many travelers are eager to get back to doing what they love. Countries are monitoring closely when cases of COVID-19 reduce in order to lift lockdown restrictions. Ultimately, the advice is that there should be a vaccine before life can return to ‘normal’, but this could take up to two years. The reality is many travel companies will not be able to wait this long. We have to accept that life will not return to as it was before, and we all have to adapt to a new ‘normal’. So what does this mean?

New Measures Post COVID-19

BOP is working closely with the Ministry of Tourism in Punta Cana and local authorities to implement new measures when the country is ready to receive visitors. Here are some of the measures that we will take to allow visitors to enjoy their vacation in the safest possible way:

  • Face Masks and Gloves for Tour Guides and Drivers – All of our staff will wear protective equipment during the tour or transportation service
  • Temperature checks of guests – Temperature checks will be conducted at pick up to ensure that guests are healthy before joining the tour
  • Hand sanitizer – sanitizer will be available throughout tours and transportations services as well as additional opportunities to wash hands where possible
  • Cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and boats – all vehicles and boats will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each tour or transfer
  • Increased private tour options – More private tour options will be available for guests who would prefer to enjoy an excursion with only their group
  • Flexible booking – don’t worry if your trip is delayed, BOP will offer flexible booking on all tours, tours can be re scheduled free of charge to a later date

Things Will Get Better!

Right now it may be hard to imagine travelling again. However, this crisis will not last forever, and life will get much better, hopefully sooner than we think! Remember that all over the world, communities in tourism are doing everything possible to be ready for new visitors. By making sure that we adapt to the world post COVID-19, we can get back to doing what we love most. Sharing our incredible destinations with you safely, and hopefully avoiding more travel restrictions in the future.

Let us know about your travel plans in our facebook group. Do you have a trip already planned? We’d love to hear from you!