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One of our main goals is to create an interactive community of travel lovers! We love sharing our adventures of living and working in Punta Cana, and we’d like you to get involved!

We’re looking for people who are currently in Punta Cana during the COVID-19 quarantine to share their stories. We’re interested to know how you are doing and how life is in Punta Cana during quarantine. Have you taken up a new hobby, or are you doing something in the local community? Whatever you’re doing to keep occupied at this difficult time we’d love to hear about it! What are your plans for when quarantine is over? How are you managing to stay in touch with family and loved ones?

Send your story and a high quality photo to us at [email protected], and we’ll publish the best ones in our Quarantine in Punta Cana blog series! We’re sure that other lovers of all things Punta Cana will be interested to hear how our beautiful destination is doing during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Did you know can discuss all things Punta Cana in our Facebook Group? Join us to keep up to date with the latest information!