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It’s almost weekend! This week we have an extra special BOP’s weekly planned for you, because we included events for the ladies this time. And it is all because of Mother’s Day. This day is officially celebrated on the 27th of May in the Dominican Republic but since Punta Cana is super International the celebrations will be commencing this weekend! Why? On the 13th of May it is Mother’s Day in other parts of the world. We listed the best things to do in Punta Cana for you. Men don’t worry we have events where you can participate in too! 

Shyt, Shower, Shave Mother’s Day Break

Okay, this one had us thinking. Especially the ‘shyt’ word. The organizers of this event meant to include the activities moms can’t do alone. Shyt, shower and shave. Of course, there is some humor involved here. But what does this break entail? Well from the 11th of May till the 14th of May, ladies can take a break from being the significant other, mom, housekeeper, cook or maid. On these days moms can have fun in the sun, enjoy the beach and relax. There will also be events focused on candid, free conversation about experiences, challenges and how to balance work, relationships and being a mom. Non-mothers are also welcome. This event is held in the Sunscape Dominican Beach in Bavaro. You can register here. An extra special best things to do in Punta Cana event. If you are staying at the Sunscape it is easy to participate. If not, get a day pass for the hotel. You can also email for more information.

Ladies Night at Versus Marina Cap Cana

Tonight, you can go for a drink and a dance with your colleagues, friends, or family at Versus Marina Cap Cana. From 9 PM till 11 PM drinks and cocktails are on the house for ladies. What better way to start your weekend? This place also has a pool. We dare you to jump in tonight! Ps. Men are allowed.

Special Farmers market edition

Yes, you read about this farmers market a couple of times. And yes, we really really like it. Go and experience it for yourself and you will find out. We know it is not huge, but the vendors have the nicest local products. On Saturday the 12th of May they have a special edition for the ladies. A bazar dedicated to Mothers. Think, natural skin care, beach accessories and an artwork shop! The market takes place in Punta Cana village. Really one of the best things to do in Punta Cana.

La Yola special Mother’s Day lunch

This beautiful restaurant is located on a serene spot close to the Marina in Punta Cana. The menu of La Yola includes fish dishes (catch of the day), but also meat dishes with a Latin Caribbean twist. On Sunday the 13th and the 27th of May they are being extra generous for the hardworking moms out there. They will give the mother’s in the group a lunch on the house. Expect a starter, a main course and a dessert. The lunch time is between 12:00 – 3:00 PM. Restrictions you will have to come with a minimum of 3 persons.

Jazz for her

We just celebrated International Jazz day in Punta Cana two weeks ago. Well now there is a special edition for the ladies. The Westin in Punta Cana will host a special Jazz night on the 13th of May from 8:00 to 10:00 PM, with free Mimosas for all the mamas.  Include this one on your best things to do in Punta Cana list! Just a tip call the hotel first, when you are not staying on the premises of Punta Cana Resort and Club.

Just relax

You can also just relax and do absolutely nada! Mother or not, treat yourself this weekend to a beach day at one of our secret beaches to fall asleep under the perfect palm tree. Hungry? Treat yourself to a burger or Lebanese cuisine to end up dancing at one of the best clubs in Punta Cana.

In the end the weekend is yours!

Did we miss something on our best things to do in Punta Cana list this week? Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @bestofpuntacanaofficial! Don’t forget to tag us in your weekend pictures too! #bopsweekly

Photo: La Yola