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One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Dominican Republic, Cascada de las Golondrinas featured on Best of Punta Cana. View of the waterfall.

Continuing our enthusiasm for waterfalls, it’s time to highlight another beauty! We’ve written about the Cascada Lulu, El Limon and Miches.This time we want to take you to the spectacular Cascada de Las Golondrinas in the Hermanas Mirabal province. Visiting this place gives you a rejuvenating experience and a pleasant break from the beach or the city. If you want to make it a day trip, there are other things you can do in the area too. Come along with us!

Cascada de las Golondrinas

Translated to English, ‘Cascada de Las Golondrinas’ means ‘waterfall of the swallows’. An incredibly large site that is hidden between the mountains of Salcedo, approximately 4.5 hours by car from Punta Cana. Once you arrive there, it’s an 1.5 hour walk through the green Monte Llano areas to get to the falls. A hidden paradise! According to many, the waterfall is much higher than expected, so you might be in for a surprise. It’s surely an impressive sight, but daredevils can go even further and jump off it! Of course you can also swim in the stunning clear water pools underneath it, or walk through the forest.

Around the waterfalls

The main local produce in the Salcedo area are cacao, plantain and cassava. You can see some of the fields when you’re walking towards the Cascada de las Golondrinas! The green hills in the area around the city are beautiful, but you can also choose to discover the city itself.

History of Salcedo

The city of Salcedo is located in the Cibao valley, south of the northern mountain range (Cordillera Septentrional in Spanish). It is known as the birthplace of Las Hermanas Mirabel (the Mirabel sisters), and yes that’s right, that’s also the name of the province. The four sisters are seen as Dominican heroines as they famously opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. Consequently, three of them were assassinated, and only one survived to tell the story. They are remembered as the symbol of feminist resistance and were commemorated by the Casa Museo Hermanas Mirabal, the house in which they lived turned into a museum after their deaths. Curated by the daughter of the only surviving sister, Dede, it has a library, pantheon and beautiful garden. Very fitting, as the sisters are lovingly called las mariposas (the butterflies). You can find more information about the museum here.

Art in Salcedo

After you’ve taken in some of the history in Salcedo, there’s an option of walking La Ruta de las Morales, a route along a wall with more than 400 murals, painted by both renowned and emerging Dominican artists. Jaime Mirabal, the son of the only surviving sister Dede Mirabal, brought this route into life in 2004. All the murals represent the Mirabal sisters in different ways, through the artists’ perspectives. It is one of those hidden treasures that are truly special to experience while you’re on holiday. For more information about this route look on the Casa Museo Hermanas Mirabal website (as mentioned above) or for one of the artists’ personal story click here.

Eat and drink in Salcedo

Whether you’ve spend a whole day at the waterfalls or if you’ve enjoyed one of the other sights in Salcedo, you’re bound to get hungry or thirsty at some point! Although we want you to be hydrated and recommend you to take some water during your trip, chances are you want a good meal between or after the activities. For breakfast or lunch, you can stop by La Vie Parisienne for the best baguettes, croissants and fresh orange juice. They also have a selection of good wines!  A little bit further down the road is Byblos Tapas, a restaurant that serves several international dishes. If you’re in the mood for Caribbean food after having such a cultural day, Mi Terrazza in Moca has delightful local food.

Are you jumping of the Cascada de las Golondrinas? Or walking La Ruta de las Morales? We want to see it! Tag us in your pictures on twitter or instagram: @bestofpuntacanaofficial

Photo: @carlostorresrd from Aquaventureros. An organization that also organizes tours to the waterfall.