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a group of people swimming in the water

At BOP Travel Service we will not only have you going outside of Punta Cana. We also have unique local travel experiences right here! Let us take you on board of an eco-friendly Catamaran and cruise the waters of Bavaro – Punta Cana. But be aware, this is not your average Catamaran excursion. This one will have you snorkeling, visiting an untouched beach, and have you playing and dancing in a natural pool. Oh, and there is a BBQ on board too!
One thing you cannot miss in Punta Cana is the beautiful clear blue sea. This is also the main reason why so many people around the world use this place as their holiday destination. You get the chance to experience sea life in a different way by letting BOP Travel Service take you on a private aquatic Catamaran Deluxe adventure that will leave you breathless.

Snorkel away

Discover the underwater life of Bavaro – Punta Cana while you snorkel away amongst tropical fishes with your friends and family. On this private Catamaran Deluxe tour, you will snorkel with a professional guide. This guide will explain you all about the different species that live in the ocean. You will feel like a fish yourself! See everything come to life as you wade under water. There is only one important rule. What you see in the ocean stays in the ocean, since we are all about protecting our beautiful coral and creatures in the sea on this eco-friendly excursion.

Untouched beach

Remember the tale of Robinson Crusoe when he stranded on a deserted beach? On the Catamaran Deluxe tour, you will have the similar feeling as we cruise to a virgin beach. There you will experience a piece of untouched nature at its finest. You will have the chance to relax and drink coconut water straight out of a coconut. As you go back on board, a BBQ with seafood and meat will be ready so you can enjoy a delicious meal with the view of this pristine beach.

Natural pool

A pool in the middle of the ocean. It may sound strange, but it is really true. At the natural pool in Punta Cana the water is waist deep and crystal clear. At this stop you can relax on sunbeds, while you enjoy drinks from a floating bar and listen to the sounds of salsa and merengue music. The kids are also not forgotten on this excursion. This whole excursion is kid-friendly too as we pull out floaties and balls to play with in the natural pool.
Throughout this whole excursion you will be dancing and having a great time since there is entertainment on-board.


The duration of this excursion is 4 hours.
First you will be picked up in an airconditioned bus to take you to the meeting point. Here you will be welcomed with a welcome drink, coffee and a special home-made treat. This is also the place where all the safety measures and rules and regulations are explained.
From there on we continue to the beach where you will board the catamaran.
We will cruise to the snorkeling spot first, where you will snorkel amongst the fishes.
From there on we will cruise to the virgin beach where you will get to enjoy the untouched surroundings and have a delicious on-board BBQ afterwards.
Last stop is the Natural Pool where you relax, have fun, and dance in this swimming pool in the ocean.


  • Airconditioned transport
  • Guide
  • Private Catamaran
  • Open bar with premium drinks
  • BBQ
  • Snacks
  • Snorkeling gear

Upgrades like decorations and a cocktail bar are available.

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