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Wasn’t it everybody’s dream as a kid to build a tree house to sleep in? How many attempts did it take to create one? Well, BOP Travel Service will make this childhood dream a reality. On our excursion to Samaná we will take you to a tree house village where you will be sleeping too! We also added some culture and ziplining to this tour as a bonus. At BOP Travel Service we are all about creating unique travel experiences!

Staying in Punta Cana is great, since Punta Cana has beautiful beaches cenotes, lagoons and, nice spots for dinner and dancing. Not to mention the lavish resorts where you can have a worriless and relaxing vacation. But there is a world outside of Punta Cana that we would like you to discover with BOP Travel Service. That is why we are taking you to Samaná with us.


Samaná is a province in the Dominican Republic. The special thing about this province that it has a peninsula covered in mountains together with some of the most spectacular white-sand beaches and waterfalls of the Dominican Republic. True gems of nature can be found here! Since there is not a lot of tourism in Samaná the biggest part of nature there is still untouched and undisturbed.

Dominican Tree House Village

In Samaná we will take you to a wonderful eco-friendly haven amongst the trees. The Dominican Tree House Village is hidden in a tropical valley that is in the core of an exotic Caribbean Jungle. No crowds, just nature all around you. The elevated tree houses are connected by rope bridges and jungle paths. It does not get eco-friendlier than this. Feel the breeze pass through the treehouses and get to experience what it is like to sleep in a jungle amongst the trees. Disconnect completely since there is no Wifi around.

Because we are all about seeing beautiful sights you will also get the chance to zipline above one of the most beautiful sceneries in the area. The Lulu waterfall is also close to the tree house and at certain times of the year it is filled with water. One of most beautiful beaches Playa el Valle is also around the corner. You will be amazed by the peace and tranquility you will encounter there.


This 3- day excursion will have you experiencing some of the history and culture of the Dominican Republic as well as the nature side of it.

Our route to Samaná goes through Santo Domingo because we want you to get a taste of this historical city too. In Santo Domingo we will stop in the Zona Colonial. A historic central neighborhood of Santo Domingo and the oldest permanent European settlement of the Americas. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There we will walk around with a tour guide and have a typical Dominican lunch. After that, we will continue our trip to Samana.

In Samana we will arrive to the Dominican Tree House Village. There we will spend the first night.

On the second day we will zipline and visit Cascada de Lulu (when there is water at the waterfall) and relax at Playa el Valle.

On the third day there is time to relax some more in the Dominican Tree House Village until we say goodbye and go back to Punta Cana.


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