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a large green landscape

This week’s neighborhood is a bit out of the way, but no less beautiful. In fact, it might be that exact location that makes it a little bit more secluded and exclusive.. We’re talking about Cap Cana! Where nature gives you the most stunning beach in Punta Cana. Walk with us and discover Cap Cana!

First things first

Cap Cana is located in the south of Punta Cana. It’s a gated community that you enter through the main gate. You have to show your passport and tell the guard where you’re going. No worries – we’re here to advise you, so you’ll know all the addresses! You can enter Cap Cana through the office at P1.


Things to do in Cap Cana: breakfast ‘n chill

Every start of the day, you’re gonna need coffee. It’s just true.  For a bit of a luxury start AND the most breathtaking view, you must go to Eden Roc. Here, they feature breakfasts from all around the world – Japanese brekkie, anyone? French toast, fresh pancakes, Spanish tortillas… it’s a mouthwatering begin.

Psst.. you weren’t done with coffee? Go to Cafeina House. Expect cute latte art and fine iced coffees to take with you on your walk.

Cap Cana care

Take your iced coffee and walk to Juanillo Beach, one of Punta Cana’s most beautiful beaches. It’s of the picture-perfect kind, with soft, white sand and waving palms. Another stunning beachfront and must-visit is Api Beach, which is a restaurant on the beach with a private beach attached. Because mainly people who live in Cap Cana visit this beach, it’s quite a relaxing one.

As Cap Cana is such a beautiful, natural spot, it makes sense they house the most loved horses. In Los Establos, you can go see and pet these noble beauties. Also, the stables host an organic market every Sunday.

For more nature fun, visit the Hoya Azul to jump into the coldest, but bluest water you’ll find in Punta Cana! Hoya Azul is a cenote, which means you’re swimming in a half-open cave. A must-do experience.

Restaurants in Cap Cana: choices, choices, choices

After a day of relaxing and visiting stunning natural sights and sweet horses, you’re gonna want food. Cap Cana has an abundance of choices. Why not visit Sanctuary Town, where there’s a variety of places? Pizza, burgers, Spanish food.. It opens at 6, and on the weekend, they like to rock ‘n roll. During the week, you can also opt for beach place Little John, where you can munch on fresh fish, burgers and other good food. On the weekend, this joint hosts parties and sometimes karaoke. Sing your lil heart out!

A church a lounge and a restaurant. What do they have in common? They are part of the the concept Church Cap Cana. Located in the Fishing Lodge in Cap Cana this lounge and restaurant offers, food, drinks, and music. It is actually situated in the courtyard from the little Church in the Fishing Lodge and it has a rooftop terrace! What is also located in the Fishing Lodge is new restaurant Barbudo. It is where boho-chic meets Italian food. A nice place to sit in the afternoon but also to go to at night.  And we are staying in the Fishing Lodge. Bohemian Tapas & Wine bar is one of the best places for a chilled out night. Of course they know everything about tapas and wine, but jazz music is their specialty too! With a small, cozy but elegant vibe, you can definitely enjoy your date night here, but groups are also more than welcome.

Punta Cana neighbourhoods

Next to Cap Cana, there are many other great neighbourhoods to visit! Why not go to lively Bávaro next? Or visit charming & colourful Puntacana Village .  We’ll see you there!

Psst… don’t forget to share your Cap Cana nature shots with us on Instagram – tag us with the hashtag #bopthroughpuntacana!

Picture: Little John