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Seeing as Punta Cana is such a wonderful place to be, why not become one of us? This week, we’ll show you a variety of jobs you could have in our lively city. Paid, or unpaid. Local tips on different jobs from true BOP-ers!


In Punta Cana, most flowers are imported. Our climate brings warm, tropical air and lots and lots of rain, making it a good homebase for more than 8,000 different species of tropical flowers. In the Dominican Republic, the Coralillo, Isabel Segunda, Trinitaria, Duranta, Saman and the Bayahíbe Rose all bloom in spring. However, these are wild flowers, and florists mostly use cultivated ones. This is a creative job, shaping beautiful bouquets and making sure the right flowers get to the right events. Are you up for it? There is one florist in Bavaro, but why not start your own?

Flying dancer jobs

Become a dancer or dancing bartender at one of the most spectacular clubs in Punta Cana: CocoBongo. This is not your average evening, CocoBongo presents live experience shows, featuring a flying spiderman, dazzling rope acts, and Moulin Rouge themed acts. Do you want to be part of a film scene? CocoBongo often has job openings.

Active Guide

Now, as you want to work in Punta Cana, you might not be a tourist any longer. However, there are still many of those around, and they ALL need to see more of the island! So why not work as a guide, or an active tour gal/guy? You could show others around the fun world of watersports, or take them into a lagoon or a cave while delivering interesting oneliners about the history of the place. Check out the cenotes and become part of their world!

Reef cleaner

This is not actually a paid job, but it’s a hugely significant one. Around Punta Cana, many coral reefs are formed, which are, unfortunately, slowly dying from climate change. At Blue Vision, you can get your First Aid Certificate and help clean our reefs and build underwater nurseries, so the reef will keep growing. This way, you can have beautiful dives whilst helping out in the great underwater garden around the coast of Punta Cana. 1+1=2.  

We can’t wait to welcome you as a local. Don’t hesitate to notify us of  job openings you might have seen in Punta Cana! Tag us using #instaBOP or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Andres de La Rosa