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Giorgia Fumanti posing for a picture

It’s the weekend! And that means there’s sooo many fun things to do in Punta Cana. As it’s a week after the bustling crowds of carnival, we decided to go a bit slower this weekend. We’re going underwater, exploring the “Caribbean Alps” and listening to pure magical music. Enjoy!

Swim with rays & sharks

Weather hot and steamy? Time to hide underwater. Punta Cana has some great local coral reefs and beautiful ocean spots to discover. There’s many places where you can simply hire a snorkel and go at it, but we want to recommend the Marinarium Shark & Ray tour. Where you up close & personal with tropical marine life, before making your way to a natural pool to relax. With or without cocktail, that’s up to you. The catamaran takes you around the ocean, sporting 2 decks and a glass bottom to sneak a quick peek at the sea life below you. You’ll receive snorkeling instructions and see tropical fish, massive stingrays and nurse sharks. Nothing to be afraid of! Simply the stunning wonders of nature.

Go explore natural paradises on Ecotour

We’re not done with nature quite yet. In a place like Punta Cana, life can sometimes feel a bit crowded and touristy. So let’s head to the bush with Explora Ecotours! Explora’s Manny Jimenes feels a responsibility towards the environment and takes good care in preserving the natural areas he visits with his guests. Explora offers exclusive private tours, custom made eco tours and group packages. You’ll discover tropical paradises, “the Caribbean Alps” and many fascinating animal and bird species. “The island’s one of a kind geographical, climatological, and biological diversity, combined with the pristine, untapped nature of its natural resources make this a growing, but still mainly untapped, haven for ecotourism,” as mentioned by Explora.

Giorgia Fumanti in concert

Night time fun: go for some casual burgers & beers at the Hard Rock Café and catch nightingale Giorgia Fumanti in concert! On the 10th of March, this Italian soprano sings her lungs out in Punta Cana. A fan of Andrea Boticelli or Enya? Then you should definitely go listen!

Go dancing at Legacy

For a wild night out, filled with local Reggaetón, Merengue and disco, check out Legacy Nightclub ! They have no entrance fee, nd a good bottle service. People speak about the “brilliant nights out” they’ve had here. Care to join?

Escape town to Mount Isabel de Torres

This is not a tour, it’s a DIY! Mount Isabel de Torres is a beautiful mountain located on the north shore of the island, so it’s a full weekend trip worth of adventure. Mountain Isabel stands 2,200 metres above sea level, and gives you a great view onto the ocean, the forest below and the island around it. Pack your hiking boots and go for days filled with breathtaking views and good hikes. Oh, we forgot. There’s also a cable car ride! Conquer your fear of heights and see for yourself: the Dominican Republic has to offer many fine sights.

How was your weekend in Punta Cana? Tag us using #instaBOP or @bestofpuntacanaofficial!