Applying for a work visa for the Dominican Republic

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You’ve read up on our wonderful Punta Cana and the stunning rest of the Dominican Republic. We’ve got falls we’ve got beautiful islands and we’ve got the sweetest people. No wonder you want to settle here! Unfortunately, getting a work visa for the Dominican Republic is never an easy job to do. We’re making it…

Which job will you take on?

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Seeing as Punta Cana is such a wonderful place to be, why not become one of us? This week, we’ll show you a variety of jobs you could have in our lively city. Paid, or unpaid. Local tips on different jobs from true BOP-ers! Florist In Punta Cana, most flowers are imported. Our climate brings…

Find jobs in Punta Cana: Breakers is looking for staff

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Fell in love with Punta Cana during your stay and you are planning to come back to live in Punta Cana then this section of BOP is for you. Find dream jobs in Punta Cana by checking out our most interesting and adventurous job listings. Breakers is looking for staff! Breakers Coffee Shop is a…