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a sandy beach next to a palm tree

One of our favorite experiences in Punta Cana is sailing aboard a catamaran! Seeing the beautiful Punta Cana coast is always breathtaking. Most cruises offer clients the chance to snorkel in the warm turquoise water and spot colorful tropical fish! The atmosphere on board is always happy and with the music and drinks flowing, the warm sun on our skin, we’re in tropical paradise!

But what goes on behind the scenes on our Caribbean catamaran cruises? Let’s take a look!

Early Start

The day starts early, around 7am for the crew. There’s plenty of preparation to do ahead of the tour! The captain must check that the boat has not suffered any damage overnight, as tropical weather can be unpredictable on the boats moored just off the coast. Once checked over, the boat is refueled, and the schedule for the day is checked and confirmed with the coastguards. The catamaran is given a final clean ready for the first tour, and they’re ready to go!

Busy Kitchen

While the captain takes care of the catamaran, chef is preparing the food and drinks for the day. Depending on the type of tour, food can range from simple snacks, to fresh seafood and wraps. The chef prepares his food fresh every day. He has limited time as he must also transfer his food from his kitchen to the catamaran, to be stored ready to cook for his guests. He must keep a checklist as if he runs out of an ingredient or drink, he won’t be able to get back to the kitchen during the tour! He also has to make sure he has fuel for cooking on board, as well as all plates, cups and cutlery for his guests!


As the crew put the final touches to the catamaran, the operations team are coordinating the pick-up of the guests from the hotels and residences of Punta Cana. All guests must be at the dock at the same time, so drivers have a strict time schedule for each hotel, since Punta Cana hotels are often long distances apart.

Each hotel must receive notification in advance of the clients that will leave for the tour, so the operations team must email the day before, and print a schedule for each driver with the names of the guests. One late guest can make a whole tour late! As tours can sometimes run twice or three times a day, those precious minutes count for the turnaround of the catamaran and operations staff for the next tour!

Time to Sail

Guests arrive and it’s time to set sail! Your captain and crew are busy making sure you have an amazing time! Each tour has a schedule to follow, but the magic of the crew and their interaction with guests mean that you’re too busy having fun to notice! The crew love their work and in Punta Cana, every guest has an amazing time dancing with them aboard their catamarans!

End of the Tour

At the end of the tour, the crew get busy thoroughly cleaning the catamaran, and everything is restocked for the next tour. At the end of the full day, the captain checks for any maintenance issues, and chef goes back to his kitchen to order everything ready for a new day. The crew is tired, but pleased, they’ve had another amazing day doing a job they love – making their guests happy, and showing off the best of Punta Cana!

Have you been on a catamaran tour in Punta Cana? Why not get your sea legs with our shared catamaran? You’ll have an amazing time, guaranteed!