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a bird flying over a body of water

Los Haitises National Park is our favorite hidden treasure in the Dominican Republic. Often overlooked in favor of El Limon Waterfall or Bacardi Island, this amazing place is even more special as the flow of tourists is limited. You experience the history of the island surrounded by raw nature, here are our highlights from this amazing place:

Explore Ancient Mangroves

Los Haitises is home to the greatest abundance of Caribbean mangrove. There are over 50 species of mangrove with the red, white and black mangrove the most predominant. The area is the most bio diverse of all the protected parks of the Dominican Republic, and sailing through these ancient mangroves is an incredible experience.  Boats travel slowly through the mangroves to ensure that they cause no damage to the area.

Travel Back in Time and See How Tainos Lived

As you explore the caves of Los Haitises, you’ll find pictographs left by the Taino people thousands of years ago. The cave system is vast, and was an important shelter to the people during hurricanes. As the caves trap rainwater with porous soil, and the cave system holds the country’s largest water reserves. You can safely explore the caves with a guide, who will share knowledge of Taino life, and explain the important role the cave system plays in the Dominican ecosystem.

a small house surrounded by water

Be Transported to Another World

Sail between the towering limestone keys that were formed millions of years ago by changes in the Earths tectonic plates. Exactly like a movie scene, it is said that scenes from Jurassic Park were filmed in Los Haitises, and you really do feel that at any moment a dinosaur will appear! You will for sure find pelicans, frigatebirds, and more as they use the keys as their roosts. If you are lucky, you may even spot a dolphin or manatee!

Bird Watcher’s Bucket List

For those of you who love bird watching, a visit to Los Haitises is a must! Some of the birds are endemic to the Dominican Republic, and can’t be found anywhere else on the island. You’ll find owls, hawks, gulls, pelicans, boobys and more! A full list of all of the bird species in the area can be found here.

For other nature enthusiasts, you may spot bat species in the caves. The rare Hispaniolan hutia and Hispaniolan solenodon also call Los Haitises their home. You’ll see many species of orchids, and many species of tree in the tropical forests here.

The Ultimate Eco Tourism Experience!

We recommend a visit to Los Haitises for anyone who wants to get close to nature and explore the wonders of our planet! Experience landscapes, flora, and fauna that can only be found in much more remote locations, which are inaccessible to regular travelers. Contact the BOP Team to schedule a visit with a private itinerary! You can also combine a visit to Los Haitises with other parts of Samana, such as El Limon for a complete Samana Spectacular!