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Punta Cana’s coziest hotels on a budget

a boat sitting on top of a wooden chair

Even though the Caribbean vibes in Punta Cana are completely different from your daily life, you might want to have a bit of home around you when you’re on a holiday. We have listed our top 5 of coziest home-away-from-home accommodations, that leave a big part of your holiday-savings in your bank account for fun…

Superb pool hotels in Punta Cana

a large white building with a pool table

You came to the Dominican Republic for sun, sea and relaxation. Be honest. Sometimes, you don’t even make it to the beach. Lying down on a stretcher or comfy chair next to the pool with a book or a cocktail is all you want. Some splashing, some napping, a little water fun! These are the…

Trendy boutique hotels in Punta Cana

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Punta Cana has so much variety. Couples, solo travelers, groups of friends and families – they all seek the lovely sights of our town. A recent trend happening in the travel industry is the uprising of boutique hotels, or smaller hotels. With many luxury resorts with over 600 rooms in Punta Cana, we can understand…