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a large lawn in front of a house

When it comes to accommodation, Punta Cana has something to offer for everyone. Just one look on TripAdvisor will tell you that being surrounded by nature in an eco friendly resort, choosing a reasonably priced, homely holiday in a cosy budget hotel or relaxing, convenient all-inclusive establishment are all easy picks in Punta Cana. But what if you want a more local, private holiday that gives you all the freedom that you have at home? If that’s what you’re looking for, Airbnb might be the right way to go! Read along for some luscious inspiration in the shape of luxurious Airbnb apartments that you can rent in Punta Cana. They are in fact also friendly for your wallet, so beware, before you know it you have booked a holiday…

Private Party Penthouse

Going away with your family or friends? In this 3-story penthouse, there is room for up to 8 people! The three bedrooms all have king size beds that you can split into two single beds. Other than comfortable sleeping, this house has a lot of other stuff to offer. You can soak up the sun on the rooftop, or have a spa-like experience in your own hydro-massage tub. Fancy a lovely evening in? Throw a private party at your own bar! On this unique, white-linen-covered deck, you can start your evening by firing up the BBQ, after which you can mix your own drinks and serve them to your friends and family. In the off-chance of having a rainy day, there is plenty of space inside to relax and play a game or read a book. Or you can round up everyone to cook up a Dominican family meal in the lovely kitchen. While this penthouse gives you a lot of privacy, it has a perfect location: close to the beach, restaurants and clubs.

Idyllic, calm retreat

Sometimes, all you want of a holiday is to have no concept of time. Switch off your phone, leave your laptop at home and stay completely off the radar. Staying at this idyllic retreat will help you recover from your stressful daily life, as you fuel up on the fresh sea breeze and fall asleep with the sound of rustling palm trees. With plenty of space (almost 2500 sq foot!), it’s possible to stay with 8 guests, but we can imagine you’d like the space your own as well. Enjoy the breathtaking view with a tropical cocktail from your own private balcony. You’re a couple of steps away from the beach, and if you do want some entertainment, the bars, clubs and restaurants are about 7 minutes away. Best of both worlds!

A cozy family condo

Are you the kind of traveler that loves a home away from home? Living like a local, close to the Punta Cana hustle and bustle? We have found something that feels as warm and cozy as your own home, spiced up with some minimalist luxury. Welcome to this two-level penthouse Airbnb, that is equipped with everything you need to spend your holiday in comfort. Bath towels, shampoo, a fully equipped kitchen…the only thing you need to pack are your clothes. This condo has an eclectic, warm look and offers a balcony and a rooftop terrace where you can relax, bbq and enjoy the starry Punta Cana nights. It has room for a total of 6 people, in two bedrooms. The center of Punta Cana is within a 2-3 minute walking distance, and the nearest beach is a 5-minute drive away. Perfect and easy!

Romantic garden bungalow

Just imagine, coming home from a beautiful day of cycling through Punta Cana’s beautiful nature, pouring a glass of wine and cooling down in your own private pool while the sun is going under and the BBQ is heating up….Sounds good? Then we may have found your future accommodation! This romantic bungalow offers your own, exotic getaway in Cap Cana, close to the freshwater lagoons, the Punta Cana airport and the Green village community. The bungalow has a white and wooden interior, that gives it a warm and welcoming feel. The kitchen has everything you need to cook great meals, which you can eat in the lush green garden, next to the pool. Plus, there are plenty of romantic and exciting activities in the area, such as horseback riding, kayaking and diving!

Luxurious beach hut

‘A hidden gem’, they call it. And we can totally see why! This penthouse at the beach looks like a dream: clean, pretty rooms, a light kitchen, and the deck: covered by bamboo and offering a beautiful view over the garden, with its green palms and a bit of the sea. It’s a perfect place to lounge, read a book or enjoy each other’s company. While we mention it, this house has room for 4 people, in two bedrooms. So it would be ideal for two couples or a holiday with friends! As you might have guessed, the beach is right in front of you (and you have your own, private beach chairs that come with renting this place). Restaurants, shops, and bars are at a 5-10 minute walking distance, so you have everything you need close by!

What kind of traveller are you? And which AirBnb would you choose? Let us know! Tag us @bestofpuntacanaofficial