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Discover the best nightlife hotels in Punta Cana on Best of Punta Cana. Going out. Secrets Cap Cana, clubs, things to do

Punta Cana is booming as always. People come to our exciting town to find themselves on the white sand with a cocktail in hand – on every hour of the day. And night. With so many great resorts and hotels around, it’s hard to focus. Where does one happy vacationer find the best rum? In which hotel does the party never end? It’s obvious – this one’s for the night owls. These are the best nightlife hotels in Punta Cana!  

The Absolute Partiest

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is MASSIVE. With 1,790 rooms and 13 pools, you can definitely call this an elephant of a place. As there is so much space, every person can find their spot here, from couples to families with children.  When it comes to being a nightlife hotel, this one is a no-brainer. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino owns 23 bars and lounges. Twenty-three! Next, to this, their casino is huge. Dress up, go for a cocktail in the mysteriously lit Moon Lounge and find a stranger to tell your secrets to. Or sip away on a rum from the Eclipse terrace, watching the sun lower into the sea. All these bars have their own atmosphere and come with either great djs, the best liquor professionals or fun theme parties. Next to being one of the best nightlife hotels in Punta Cana, this hotel is also one of the gay-friendliest in the area.

And then we haven’t mentioned Oro Nightclub yet – a glitzy, glam beast of the night. Located at the hotel premises, this club organizes parties full of the best Dominican beats, but do concerts too! Let your inner Rockstar out at the Best Nightclub in the Dominican Republic.

The Excellent Adults Only

Secrets Royal Beach came forward a lot in talks about the best nightlife hotels in Punta Cana. It is a good mix, a romantic and exclusive resort on the one hand, and a good place to party on the other hand! Best of all, this resort is adults-only, so you won’t find any toddlers tugging your disco pants. For entertainment, you’ve got your nightly shows, fun theme nights, on-site casino, outdoor entertainment AND a nightclub! Eclipse Nightclub opens up to an open-air chill zone where you can relax and watch the stars. If that’s not enough for you, party head, then there’s also a weekly foam party to slide to. Don’t run.

Next to being a great nightlife option, this resort is an overall excellent choice, where you’ll be treated like royalty and a family member at the same time.

The Social Uncle

The Riu Palace Macao is the adults only hotel of the big Riu Palace complex. This is a good choice for older couples excited about meeting other worldly, lively spirits. An all-inclusive and upscale hotel, that seems more relaxed than the other properties. Relaxed meaning: there are no screaming children around. You can definitely still have a good ol’ party!

This hotel is quite well-known for its pool bar gatherings, great to socialize and have fun nights with other guests. With live music and shows every evening, there’s always something to do. Other than that, the pool bar comes with a huge selection of tasty cocktails! Next to this, super famous Pachá nightclub is part of the Riu Palace site. The cherry on top of this social hotel. Sleek, fun and a few drunk older babies.

The Decadent One

The Westin Punta Cana is about the good things in (night)life. Indulging in spas, award winning cuisines, and… a rum & cigar bar. That is right! This nightlife gem is spot on decadent – we’re talking supple leather seats and an entire cigar menu. From their website: “At the new Westin Puntacana Resort & Club, savor the highest quality Dominican cigars, featuring the perfect blend of scent, rich color and balanced composition of nicotine and oils.” We can almost smell the fullness of these oils, fuming softly in the evening light.

As the Dominican Republic is a world leader in cigar export, this country knows what we’re talking about. With careful harvesting and drying, they bring the best of the crop to exclusive bars like The Westin’s Don Queco. Where you can enjoy your fine rum indoor, or outdoor in the special seating area. All the cigars are kept using high quality ventilation and air purification techniques. Nightlife royalty and one of the best nightlife hotels in Punta Cana.

On A Budget

Not every traveler wants to spend their money on luxury resorts. No worries! There’s plenty of good places to stay for the younger, adventurous partygoer.  These two cute and colourful apartments are in a great location – on the way to the best nightlife experiences of Punta Cana! Apartment 1  is available for 4 people and has nice yellow cabinets, a pool and a gazebo. Apartment 2  is similar – only these interior details are a bright blue! Both apartments are strategically placed not far away from beaches, the mall AND great nightlife. Yup. These two will give you close access to not only one of the most fun nightclubs, but also a grande experience: the Coco Bongo Experience. We’ve heard stories of people who were fully sceptical of this show and club combo, but it’s truly a must when visiting Punta Cana on a nightlife hunt. The show part of Coco Bongo is professional, brilliant show theatre and will leave you with your mouth hanging open. Then there’s the dancing: a club full of excited people from all ages, dancing to a great range of music. Needless to say, the sceptics did a 180. Coco Bongo is also feautured in our our article on jobs to do in Punta Cana.

The nightclub mentioned before – also close to the apartments – is called Imagine Nightclub. A fun, slightly crazy location: it’s in a cave! With colours projected on the ceiling, you can dance away the night on many different club nights, such as Latin rhythms and Hip-Hop Sundays.

Which party monster are you and which nightlife hotels in Punta Cana has your preference? Let us know! Tag us in your pics or tweets, @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Secrets resort Cap Cana