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When will flights to Punta Cana Resume?

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic millions of vacations to Punta Cana were cancelled. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for locals in the area. Everyone is eagerly waiting to find out when flights will resume, so they can reschedule their vacation!

The Dominican Republic has been voted the number one travel destination in the Americas, and number thirteen overall for 2020 according to The Traveler’s Choice Awards this year. This is fantastic news! During lockdown, the Dominican Republic was one of the top ten searched for destinations in April for 2020, which means that travelers are excited to come back to the island as soon as flights are available!

The Dominican Republic on Lockdown

Currently the island has declared a state of emergency until May 17. This may be extended, if cases of COVID 19 increase. A recovery plan is in process, which will give hope to the many tourism businesses and hotels on the island. Everyone is preparing new measures to ensure the safety of travelers once border restrictions are lifted.

So When Will Flights Resume?

So far, a number of airlines have tentatively opened bookings for flights to the Dominican Republic in June. Here is a list of some of the most popular airlines and their flight availability:

American Airlines New York to Santo Domingo – June 2

American Airlines Miami to Punta Cana – June 11

Delta Airlines Miami to Punta Cana – June 2

Delta Airlines New York to Punta Cana – June 2

Condor Frankfurt to Punta Cana – June 28

United Airlines New York to Punta Cana – June 6

United Airlines Miami to Punta Cana – June 10

TUI Fly Belgium to Punta Cana – June 9

Any flights that are currently scheduled are subject to the lifting of border controls.

Please be sure to check with your hotel or Airbnb before booking your travel, and be aware that restrictions of movement may still remain in place. Tourist attractions may be closed if you plan to travel before August. Please confirm with your tour operator or excursion provider for further information.

We are definitely ready and excited to receive our first travelers! Our beautiful destination has so much to offer, and we are proud to live and work here! Local people love sharing the island with new visitors, and spreading the love for Punta Cana all around the world!

What do you plan to do in Punta Cana when travel restrictions are lifted? Join the discussion on our Facebook group and let us know!