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During our travels, we meet a wide range of people from all walks of life. Often there are options to visit local communities to see how they live, which is often to a much simpler standard than our own. Many of these communities rely solely on tourism to support their families. When there are no visitors, there is no income, and no food. While most destinations are prepared for a low season, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation that no one could have prepared for. This has left many people struggling to survive.

BOP Cares

BOP Cares is a foundation created to support families who need an extra helping hand with food, education, and other basic necessities. Their work has increased dramatically due to COVID-19. Tourism has stopped, and lockdown restrictions have closed all possible opportunities to earn. This has left communities devastated. Many countries do not have strong state financial aid for families during crisis. There is simply no way to earn money, and now more than ever the BOP Cares team are desperately needed.

Food and a Friendly Face

While in quarantine, communities who would normally help support each other are isolated and alone. The BOP Cares team have been delivering vital food packages to those in need, at the same time giving vulnerable people a lifeline of contact for urgent requirements. The team deliver food packages following strict social distancing guidelines, as well as wearing masks and gloves. While delivering the packages, it is an opportunity for the families to share their concerns, and ask for additional support if needed. The team are also available to receive calls on behalf of at risk families, to ensure that they receive the assistance they need.

This communication is the only contact to the outside world for many during this time. It is the possibility of having drinkable water and food for their children, which is otherwise impossible to access.

Your Donations are Vital

Thanks to your donations, the BOP Cares team have been able to provide emergency assistance during this crisis. There is still a long way to go, and their work will not stop when the pandemic is over. It will take a long time for these families to recover, and they will require continuing support while the world returns to normal. As with any charity, the only limit to the amount of help that can be given is the amount of funding. All donations are gratefully received. Each dollar raised is one more meal, one more day of medication, one more smile on the face of a vulnerable child.

BOP Cares Needs You!

Your help is needed to make sure the BOP Cares team can keep up with the increased demand. You can provide urgent assistance via a cash donation or to sponsor a family with a monthly payment. You can also help the team in other ways such as volunteering or sending packages, please contact BOP Cares via their website or via their Facebook page. Response times may be slower due to the emergency situation, but please be patient and the team will respond as soon as possible.

You can keep up to date with the important work the team is doing via their YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe!