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a close up of a colorful background

On the 3rd of March 2018, everything will be about Punta Cana Carnaval. From 3:00 pm the Boulevard 1st of November in Punta Cana Village renowned carnival groups from Aruba, Sint Martin, Curacao and the Dominican Republic will take over the street. You have the chance to win 2 tickets to see the carnival parade from a stage!

Punta Cana Carnaval with a view

In our article on Punta Cana Carnaval, we gave you a small teaser of how it would be to see the parade from a stage. A stand that is higher up and gives you the best view of the parade. Well, BOP gives you the opportunity to experience this!

Punta Cana Carnaval is the event of the year. Thousands of locals and tourist from around to world come to Punta Cana to see more than fifteen top carnival groups. The colorful costumes and masks showcase the cultural traditions and folklore of the Dominican Republic.

Enjoy yourself on the Coolekos stage, where you will have a total overview of the parade. In addition to this, there are seats for you to relax when your feet are tired from the excessive dancing you will be doing. An open bar gives you all the cold refreshments to keep you energized. Socialize, while dancing to Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton music during the parade. When the spectacle finishes, you and your friend can walk to the main stage to see the coolest artists. Mozart La Para is the headliner this year!

You and a friend can enjoy Punta Cana Carnaval in this kind of style because BOP is giving away 2 tickets!

How to win

You have the chance to experience Punta Cana Carnaval in every detail we described above. All you have to do is like us on  FaceBook, follow us on  Instagram and subscribe to our website, share the post, and tag the person you want to go with!

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Photo: Coolekos