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“La vida es un Carnaval!” Late Cuban songstress Celia Cruz sang in her song. And carnival it is. On the 3rd of March in Punta Cana. On this day some of the best groups of the Caribbean will be dancing in a parade. Be prepared to dance all day!

Carnival in March

Carnival in March? Yes, carnival in March. Punta Cana saves the best for last, because groups from Aruba, Curacao, Haiti and Sint Martin, participate in their respective countries carnival first before they come to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican groups are also present in the parade. Las Musas de Punta Cana is one of them, and the students from Punta Cana International School will also be participating.

La Vega

Punta Cana is big, but the Carnival in La Vega that started during the 1500s is actually the biggest and most well-known on the island. It is there where people come from places all over the world to witness this event. In traditional costumes, they celebrate the time before lent and perform in a theme that revolves around the victory of good over evil. Hence the masks with evil looking faces. Lent is the preparation of Catholics before Easter. It is A time of prayer and doing penance. If you missed this festivity on the 17th and 18th of February, you are in for a treat since you get to see some of these groups on the 3rd of March in Punta Cana.

Dance on a stage

Launched in 2008, Punta Cana Carnaval is a colorful event. You hear the drums from far and spot the sparkling ornaments on costumes that reflect in the sunlight. It is there where you feel the Dominican Vibe. Entrance to the carnival is free. You can stand along the street and watch the bands and dancers pass by, but you can also buy a ticket to be on a stage where you can see everything while you enjoy an open bar and chairs to sit. Only when you are tired from all that shaking on the beats of course. Brands like Presidente and Coca-Cola have boxes. To get a ticket pass by the Galerias in Punta Cana village.

Mozart La Para

It would not be Punta Cana if there would only be a parade. At the end of the spectacle, a free live concert takes places. Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton music will have you dancing some more. This year Dominican headliner Mozart La Para from the hit song bye bye will be performing on stage!

Witness this event in Punta Cana from 3:00 PM on the 3rd of March on Boulevard November 1st, located in Puntacana Village, opposite the Punta Cana International Airport.

Tomorrow we will be announcing our next giveaway in relation to Punta Cana Carnaval. Keep checking BOP to find out what it is!

Photo: Grupo Punta Cana, Las Musas de Punta Cana