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Every year on the 29th of April, International dance day brings people together from all over the world. This initiative was started by UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute in honour of Jean-Gorges Noverre, the founder of modern ballet. The goal of International Dance Day is to celebrate dance as an universal art form that crosses political, cultural and ethnic barriers. Luckily, there are many beautiful dances you can learn and practice in the Dominican Republic. So read along why you should dance this day away in Punta Cana!

You learn more about a culture

Dance is a very important part of the Dominican culture. Of course we are talking about merengue, the most popular local genre of music and dance (we wrote about merengue earlier).. But if you are visiting Punta Cana, there are many other ways you can learn about the Dominican culture by just learning the local dances. The Bachata for instance, a more romantic style of music and dance that originated in the Dominican countryside. Bachata is widely popular Dominican genre with a very deep political and cultural history. Of course you can listen to the music, but if you can’t speak Spanish, you can let the dance do the translating for you. Just try it out!

You expand your horizons

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, music is everywhere in Punta Cana.  Whether you pull up your car at a gas station, or shopping for some groceries at the supermarket: there is music everywhere. Why not break out of your comfort zone and try some spontaneous dancing while you’re waiting? Maybe you’ve already had some dancing lessons, or you’ve seen some locals dancing. Now is the time to practice. It’s almost certain people will join you! If you want to learn the salsa, merengue or bachata while getting a tan, many resorts and hotels offers dancing lessons on the beach. It doesn’t get any more fun than that!

You get to know new people

Dancing is about more than just fun. One of the missions of International Dance Day is to celebrate the universality of dance. Even if you speak another language, dance can bring people together through a language that everyone can understand. If you are on vacation in Punta Cana, there is no other way to get to know locals and other vacationers than to dance with them. There is no doubt you will meet interesting people, hear their stories and make great memories.

You can give something back

What happens in Punta Cana, doesn’t have to stay in Punta Cana! The great thing about learning new dance moves is that you can take them with you anywhere you go. With International Dance Day, the International Theatre Institute encourages people to start new projects and events to help people in need, and bring them together through dance. There are many great initiatives and communities around the world that are focused on dance. You can definitely join and make a difference! If you want to get involved and give something back to the people of Punta Cana, you can take a look here for more information.

It’s healthy and good for your body

Some people say ‘dancing is like dreaming with your feet’. But other than the great mental joy it gives you, it is also great physical exercise! The best thing is that you’re not even aware you are training your body. So why not throw in some Caribbean passion today, and celebrate International Dance Day in Punta Cana!

Want to learn Caribbean dances? Check Coral Dance Studio or Carola Ole for merengue, bachata and salsa lessons. You can also check out Estudio fitness for flamenco classes for beginners. Or join the multiple day merengue and Bachata adventure offered by Latin Dance Adventures!

If you’re ready to dance tonight, Coco Bongo is an amazing event where you can show off your moves!

How are you celebrating Internation Dance Day? Let us know! Tag us in your pics or tweets, @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Coral Dance Studio