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a sandwich on a plate

Your plans for the weekend are already set if you follow our tips in BOP´s weekly. But there is always room for more. Especially for good food at a food truck! We will be taking you to the ones in Punta Cana that we really like. The variety of food is endless. Go for ribs, moussaka, arepas or tacos!

B is for BBQ

Looking for some tasty seasoned meat with fries? Try the BBQ Spot Meat & Grill in Bavaro. It is a truck where you can sit, relax and hear reggaeton, hip-hop, house, and pop music, while you wait for your meat to be thrown on the grill. One of the headliners on their menu are the baby back ribs. These ribs are seasoned to perfection! You can still go with someone who does not fancy the idea of eating loads of meat because there are other food trucks on the plot.

BBQ Spot Meat & Grill is located in Bavaro on the Ave. Alemania in front of the Manglares in Bavaro. The Manglares is this lake where trunks of trees are sticking out.

The best time to visit them is in the evening. You will be enjoying the vibe of the area more around that time.

Greek sensation

We featured the Blue Mall Punta Cana in one of our editions of BOP´s weekly. One of our favorite food trucks is actually located there. And it is a Greek one. This food truck will take you to Greece. With dishes like Gyros and moussaka, you will be wondering why you don´t eat Greek food more often. You can visit this Greek sensation when you enter the Blue Mall Punta Cana through the main entrance.

BlueMall Punta Cana is located on the Boulevard Turistico Esquina Carretera Juanillo in Punta Cana

Mexican flavor at Don Camaron

This Mexican food truck in Punta Cana we already mentioned in our article about vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Not only do they have a nice vegetable burrito, they also have soft tacos with ceviche and other toppings. If you are more of a burger type, you will also be satisfied here. To be honest, everything tastes really good.

Check our article on vegan and vegetarian restaurants for the direction to Don Camaron.

A food truck but different

We are cheating just a little with this one. This place is actually across the Don Camaron food truck. It has the same formula. A little area where you can sit outside. The only thing is, is that the kitchen is not in a truck. It does have a food truck feeling though. So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by Venezuelan food place Pepito City. Their arepas and burgers are delicious!

Enjoy these places and share your favorite food trucks with us so we can feature them on BOP!