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a waterfall with trees on the side of a mountain

Have you ever sat on a swing with an incredible view of green mountains, feeling like you are literally on top of the world? The warm breeze brushing along your face and the sensation of being so high up? This is what you can experience in Miches. In this edition of BOP places, we will tell you all about this lovely town.

Miches nature at its best

We already mentioned this town in our article about whales in Punta Cana. To go to Samaná, you can take a boat from Miches. But why pass this town when there is so much beauty to be discovered here too. From Punta Cana, it will take you approximately 2 hours to get to Miches. While you are at it, get mesmerized by the landscape while you are on your way to this city. You will be passing rural plots, hills and colorful pink abd blue Dominican houses in the middle of nowhere.

Miches is known for its agriculture. In particular the farming of rice, coconut, and cocoa. Also, local handicrafts and artisanal fishing is part of the economic structure of the place.

Montaña de Redonda

When you look for information about Miches, the first thing you will see, are pictures of people on a swing over the mountains. Something you must experience when you are in the Dominican Republic and staying in Punta Cana.

When you get to the Montaña Redonda (round mountain) its size might impress you, because you will be going up there to get to that famous swing. Ride up the mountain slowly. Because someone can be coming down, while you are riding up. Once you get to the top and place yourself on that swing, all the worries you had are left behind at the bottom of the mountain and you just swing away.

If you are someone who loves to hike, you can go up the mountain by foot. And for the daredevils amongst us, there is the opportunity to paraglide from the top.

The Montaña de Redonda is one of the main attractions in Miches, but there is more.

Salto La Jalda

The tallest waterfall of the Caribbean is very close to Miches. Some say it is part of the municipality of Miches. All we know is that you can get there by going to the town Magua which is a 23-minute drive from the heart of Miches. With its impressive 120 meters height and two strands of clear water, the Salto La Jalda is unique in its form. Getting to the waterfall is another story. Because of the rainfall, the waterfall is not accessible by horse but by foot. It will approximately take 3 hours to get to this national treasure. Go to the little town Magua and ask for in the friendly community for someone to take you up to the mountain. There are a lot of guides around, who will be able to take you. One of them is Polito. He can be reached on +1 809 330 6337

If you don´t feel like wandering around the community, you will have to be patient. Montando & Monteando offers a tour to go to the waterfall. with a horse. The tour begins in the rural community of “La Loma” alongside the Magua river. With this tour, you will cross the river twice. It will take about 2 hours on the horse and around 800 meters of walking to arrive at the waterfall. Because there has been a lot of rainfall these days, this tour is currently not accessible but will open as soon as it gets a little drier.

You can also take an easier route, by getting there with a helicopter tour so you can admire the waterfall from the sky.

Make sure to walk around in Miches and explore a bit and share your experience with us so we can feature it on BOP!