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Whenever you Google ‘fun activities in Punta Cana’, you’ll surely stumble upon many sites advertising jeep safaris. These are a great way to discover the island! Let us tell you all about the best jeep safari Punta Cana has to offer.

Jeep safari in Punta Cana

Sure, you know what a jeep is and what a safari is, but why would any of that help you when you’re not on a savannah in the Kruger Park? Well. The Dominican Republic is overrun by stunning and wild nature, too. We have mountains, beaches, deserts, waterfalls, valleys.. all rough terrain, but very easy to explore with a jeep! A jeep safari in Punta Cana opens up the world of the Dominican Republic a bit, providing you with an experienced tour guide, and an open jeep that fits about 4 people. No crowded touristy buses, just you, your friends & fam, nature and the wind in your hair.

These are our favorite picks when it comes to jeep safari tours:

Explora Ecotours

As you might know, we’re big fans of taking care of the environment and think you should be part of a system of giving back, too. This is why we’d recommend Explora Ecotours for any of your Dominican Republic tours! We’re cheating a bit, as the vehicles they use aren’t actually open jeeps but SUVs, but these people have so much to offer that we think you should have a look! They let you safari beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, caves, coffee farms, cloud forests… Cloud forests?! Curious to see what this is? Hop onto that SUV! Next to these, there’s also the chance to go whale watching, rafting or zip lining!

Be sustainable.

Just Safari

For those of you who can’t choose which tour they want, and just mostly want to see a bit of everything, Just Safari offers you precisely that! You’re picked up at your hotel, drive the open jeep through the countryside, stop at a farm to see how cacao, fruit and coffee is grown, go horseback riding, experience 2 zip lines, see a cigar factory and roll your own cigars and finally have a beautiful Dominican dinner at Macao Beach. All of this comes with lunch, snacks, and the friendliest guides whom you can ask about anything. Next to this, there’s a photographer available to keep those memories with you. If you want to see Dominican nature and culture in a snapshot, this is your pick!

The tour takes about 8 hours and costs you $134 USD.

Caribbean Dream Punta Cana Tours

Ok, many of these jeep safari Punta Cana tours are roughly the same – we know. If there’s one person with a good idea, many others will follow. That’s ok though! There’s many different local tour guides, photographers and drivers who could benefit from your curiosity for their country. Caribbean Dream Punta Cana Tours offers a similar jeep safari tour – you’ll visit the rugged Dominican outback, see how Dominicans live, go off-road into sugar cane fields and experience the cacao, coffee and vanilla harvest. You get to take home your own cigars, go horseback riding and ziplining and buy nice souvenirs. This tour ends at the more remote and unexplored Uvero Alto beach, where a delicious meal will be prepared for you. This tour is truly scenic and gets you away from that resort life!

The tour takes about 9 hours and costs you $135 USD online and $145 on-site.

DIY Jeep Safari

Some people like to take control into their own hands, which is absolutely understandable! Punta Cana Tours mentioned above gives you the opportunity to rent a Wrangler Jeep with a GPS system and some pointers of cool places you could visit. In the end though, it’s all YOUR choice! Take that steer and go on your own off-road adventure around Punta Cana! The staff at Punta Cana Tours will happily give you some tips beforehand, but then it’s up to you.

Would you hang out on a jeep safari? Tag us in your bumpy experience, please! Insta @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

Photo: Just Safari