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Lagoon Laguna El Dudu in the Dominican Republic is beautiful! featured on Best of Punta Cana. BOP places. Guy floating in the water of a lagoon surrounded by rocks

Cabrera is a quite, lesser known part of the Dominican Republic, that harbors a bunch of secret gems. With tourism that is more focussed on nature and less on resorts and beaches, it’s an excellent getaway for those who want to discover some of the special attractions in DR. Today, we want you to discover Laguna El Dudu: one of the most pretty lagoons around!

It’s not often you can still find places in this world that are beautiful, yet untouched. Although we wouldn’t say that Cabrera, located in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic, is totally untouched. But as it hasn’t got all-inclusive resorts and huge clubs, tourists are few and far between and the attractions are often unspoiled and quiet. Laguna El Dudu is only one of the beautiful places you can visit, but it’s definitely worth your while. So let us tell you more!


Just located off the highway, the lagoon is a mixture of all sorts off greens and blues. A path through a tropical rainforest leads you right to the cliffs, which might look a bit scary to some. Take a look below, and you’ll see a beautiful emerald natural pool in which you can take a refreshing dive.


This lagoon attracts both daredevils and nature lovers alike. For those in need of some wild entertainment, there is a zipline placed over the water. Just firmly grab the handle, take a leap and and let your body swing over the water like Tarzan! Other activities include cliff jumping, swimming and canoeing. Don’t worry, if you’re not much of an adrenaline junkie, there are steps that lead you to the lagoon. So you don’t necessarily have to dive in! There are two additional activities around this area: for instance the cave system, a mystic and fun place to explore. There is also a second, smaller pool, where the water is shallow and even clearer. A great spot for a Dominican hangout! If you didn’t bring your own food, there is a small restaurant where you can grab a bite and enjoy a refreshing drink. If you want, you can take a small walk through the park and see some more of the flora and fauna. Spot the bright, exotic flowers, ostriches and peacocks!

How to get there

The lagoon Laguna El Dudu, is about a 10 minute drive from Cabrera, and conveniently located off the highway no. 5. There is a big entrance you can’t miss, and lots of parking available. The entrance fee is 150 Dominican Pesos (about $3.50 US dollars). You can also take a trip with Aquaventureros to visit this beautiful lagoon.

Driving from Punta Cana to Cabrera will take you around 4 hours. A beautiful ride through nature and towns. If you want to make it more of a weekend getaway try combining it with a trip to Samana. You can stop by de Cascada de Lulu and sleep in the Dominican Tree house village. Or take a detour and stop by Juan Dolio.

Would you jump off a cliff at Laguna El Dudu? Let us know what kind of daredevil you are @bestofpuntacanaofficial!

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Photo: @carlostorresrd Aquaventureros