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There’s one thing everyone always needs more of in their lives: colour. With this said, we think it’s time to show you the cute and vibrant community of Puntacana Village, and all the shops, restaurants and good vibes it has to offer.  

Things to do in Puntacana Village

Puntacana Village is a bustling lil community, a bit further from the heat of the city. It’s mainly focused on the tourist sector, but that’s ok: it means that the cute neighbourhood is full of fab facilities and services. Everything you need. Start the day fresh with a relaxing yoga session at our friend Yira’s Ananda Yoga community. Rather eat before you fold your body into cranes and dogs? Have a good bagel, a breakfast taco or a full Dominican breakfast plate, at Brot Bagel Shop. Another place where you can have breakfast is Vale Valentina. You can even spend the day there working on your laptop if really necessary, because the wifi is so good.

Time to wander

What a relaxing start of the day in Puntacana Village, all filled up with zen and coffee. Now, we’re off to wander along the cute colourful buildings. Every other week on Saturday, member of the local community organize a Farmer’s Market. It’s here you can go to fill your pockets with fresh produced, organic fruit, vegetables, and on occasions seafood brought in by local fishermen. Also try the beauty products made from natural products like coconut and cacaobutter. Then move on to the Art Gallery. Even though Punta Cana is a relatively new town, the Art Gallery features works from more than 20 different contemporary Caribbean artists. After some more wandering around the shops and restaurants of Puntacana Village, you can rest your feet at Bana , the Punta Cana salon treating you with facials, glows and skin treatments. This hairdresser, spa and beauty salon in one will definitely have you walk out relaxed and glowy.

Restaurants aplenty

If you haven’t already spent all your money on your face, it’s time to fill your belly with food! And we say, try a local Dominican dish. You won’t regret it. Casita de Yeya offers the great pescado con coco, fish with delicious coconut sauce. Not into fish? Chivo con arroz – goat with rice – is a good second! Then there’s restaurant La Cava, who feature a strange mix of sushi and Mediterranean style dishes. Strange, but heavenly. A burrata appetizer followed by a maki dragon roll? Why not! They always have a catch of the day, too.

Even more Punta Cana loungin’

You’ve done your shopping and your munching, but you don’t feel like going back ‘home’ yet. Luckily, Puntacana Village is one of those easy places where you can just sit down on any bench and people-watch. Enjoy the warm night air and the ambiance of the fairy lights hanging from the buildings. There are many different nationalities around, aren’t there? Quick, Baskin Robbins is still open! Get a Hokey Pokey ice cream here, or a Sundae with extra chocolate sauce.. ooo.

You’ll have to roll home. Sorry.

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