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We would not be BOP, if we did not have you looking at Punta Cana through the eyes of a person who lives here. You got to know Rafelina and her personal Semana Santa Pescado con coco recipe. Now it is time to get to know Evy, who BOPs through Punta Cana daily. She will take you on a trip to her favorite places. Discover Punta Cana with her.

Take life as it comes

Dutch Evy (36), has been living in Punta Cana for over a year now, where she has been working as an assistant manager for an excursion company. How does she feel about Punta Cana? “I absolutely love it. Of course, I had to adjust to the different lifestyle. Luckily, it did not take so long. I noticed when you speak Spanish and go with the flow without judgment, life in Punta Cana is so much easier. For example, when the guagua is late, I just take out a good book and enjoy the time that I am able to read some more. Disfruto la vida (I enjoy life).”

“Because I live in Bavaro, I usually hang out in that area. Especially on the weekends, but going out discovering new places is something I also really love.”

Popsicles and cocktails

“An average Sunday for me would be waking up and walking towards Los Corales beach. The first stop I make is at Nutritional Popsicle, because of their breakfast with their homemade jelly, that also includes a free fresh juice. My favorite is a mix of papaya, pineapple, and mango. I also get a cheesecake red fruit popsicle to nibble on as I continue my walk.

When I am done there, I walk along the beach in the direction of Bibijagua. I chat with people, take a swim, and relax. Usually, I end up sitting at Jelly Fish with a cocktail in one hand and a novel in the other. Why do I like Jelly Fish? I can actually sleep on the lounge beds.”

Macao beach

Next, to Jelly Fish there is a restaurant. I forgot the name. You cannot miss it. It is in front of the little shopping center. The fish there is good, but the best fish, I get at Macao beach on Sundays. Whether it is at the beginning of the Surf School or further down, the grilled fish (a la plancha) with tostones is the best. Macao is also my favorite beach.

If I am really craving good Dominican food, I go to San Juan Shopping Center. Upstairs there is a place where there is a buffet of good fresh dishes, like pastelon and stewed chicken, beef and other things. Eating there is not really inspiring, so I take it with me and sit in the park behind the shopping mall.

If I am active?

Every year I promise myself to be more active. This year it was doing more exercise. Although I do not go every week, I take a day pass for 200 pesos at So good fitness to follow Zumba classes. The gym is not high tech, but classes are so good! But also at Carola Ole Art & Dance Punta Cana in Cocotal, I practiced some Flamenco moves and they give merengue classes too!

Where do I go dancing? Well, everywhere, from the bus stop to the supermarket! If I really want to go and dance I usually go to Drink point or El Ken in Bavaro. But I did a twirl in front of BAM Supermarket on Plaza Turquesa on a Saturday night too.”

“I would advise people to discover Punta Cana with their own eyes. Because, why stay at certain spots when there are so much more things to discover.”

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