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For many countries over the world May 1st is Labor Day, also called International Workers’ Day or May Day. A day when people have a day off and celebrate workers all over the country. In the Dominican Republic labor day was moved to the 30th of April but is officially on the 1st of May. Confused? In this edition of  BOP goes local we will explain why.  

Even though some countries have different dates for their labor Day (like the US), the standard date for most countries is the 1st of May. This date was chosen to remember the killings and executions of workers in Chicago, who went on a strike in favor for the 8-hour work day on the 1st of May until the 4th of May, in 1886. When one of the workers threw a bomb to the police, the rallies got out of hand and hundreds of workers were falsely accused and executed. The plan to recognize May Day as annual event was formalized during a congress in 1889 in Paris of some socialist and labor parties. International trade unions from all over the world were asked to demonstrate in support of the 8-hour work day, and for universal peace. The congress also made it mandatory for workers all over the world to have a day off on the 1st of May.

Labor Day is important in the Dominican Republic, as certain work conditions still need a lot of improvement. Recent Labor Days in the country have addressed issues as unemployment, income equality, low wages and bad safety conditions. Last year, several Dominican unions and associations took to the streets together in Santo Domingo to protest these issues.

Now you might wonder why you saw so many people were off yesterday when Labor Day is officially on the 1st of May. That is because the Dominican Republic moved the date this year, so people can enjoy a longer weekend.

Grab a cocktail enjoy and make it another relaxed day in the end today it is also Labor Day!

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